Deal Hand Glitch (like for Xbox)

Hi, joined so I could mention this problem (which I saw was in Xbox Support) is present for the PS3 version as well.

My scenario has me facing off against Claptrap after busting out Brock. I'm not sure how the chip and deck skins make a different because for me, it's all Borderlands theme. Perhaps, because it's Claptrap, the themes do something different?

Either way, I'm holding off until something could be fixed because I'm actually on the verging of winning the tournament and would rather NOT start over. Not to mention I probably couldn't fully enjoy the game if it means I might get stuck in the same predicament.


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    We are looking into this issue, but it appears to be extremely rare. We appreciate any information you can provide that can help us to reproduce it.
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    I would say try pressing X any number of times between when a character busts out and you are facing the last character. No matter what, only the Start button works to pause the game.
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    Having the same problem. It was a bounty match and someone just got knocked out turning it into a 1v1 vs Sam, and no matter how many times I press X it just leaves the "press X to deal hand up there." I've tried quitting out and reloading the tournament but it does the exact same thing. I don't want to start a new game because I am so close to winning, but at the same time, it's preventing me from playing my game.
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    Had the same problem. Even made a Youtube video of it.

    Game has been out over a week now too..
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