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An exception occurred executing dynamic code

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Hey guys.

I bought the first three Episodes of Season One of Sam & Max today, after playing a one-hour test version from Yahoo Games Germany. The game was working perfectly, until I purchased my activation code. As soon as the game was activated, I, logically, wanted to continue playing. As soon as i clicked on the icon though, a message popped up:

"There has been an unexpected error while running this program."

followed upon clicking "OK" by

"An Exception occurred executing dynamic code."

I rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled and looked around a couple of forums looking for the solution and then decided to let customer support at (The webservice that supplied the activation code) know about my problem. Their response was that they are unable to deal with such an issue as they only deal in activation problems and accounting. They then told me to turn to you guys at this forum.

Anybody know what's going on? :)

My Specs:

Windows XP
2GB Ram
2,8 Ghz Processor

Game worked perfectly until activation.
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  • Lifeaquatic0;56088 said:
    Their response was that they are unable to deal with such an issue as they only deal in activation problems and accounting.
    Which is funny because this clearly sounds like an activation issue to me. That said, send an email to [email][/email] and we will try to find a solution of some sort. I'd rather give it a shot than just have bounce back and forth between the two support groups.
  • Ok, sent you the email.

    Hope you guys can help :)
  • Hey!

    I had the exact same problem (and tried all the same solutions), again after the activation code was purchased from Yahoo games, and emailed them until I got a rather frosty reply telling me it was a problem with the game itself.

    Think it must be an activation problem though as when I log on it says I still have 5 activations left out of 5. Funny thing is, is that the free demo worked fine!

    So please could you reply on what answer you got?

  • Hey Bob, just send an email to Support and I'll get you all set up.
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    xtrmntr Telltale Alumni
    Hey-- I'm the guy from Telltale that's been working with Yahoo on these games, so if anybody else has similar issues, just PM me your Yahoo ID and I'll forward it to Yahoo to see if they can dig up any more info on these licensing/activation problems. I can't *guarantee* that they'll be able to fix anything, but hopefully it will at least let them know how many people are having problems with this and possibly figure out why! Thanks!
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