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Game Won't Load. Just video.

posted by pie0 on - last edited - Viewed by 472 users
Hey. It's been running fine for a few days now but the game won't load now. Or more so the video won't. I am completely unsure what has changed.

When I click Play on Steam, it plays off screen. If I CMD+Tab away, the video is there, minimized in my dock. So something's working. I just get a transparent screen, with sound on.

Is there any way I can change it away from being full screen? In case that's the one doing it?

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  • I'm closer. It's because of the dual displays. I keep my Macbook sleeping on it's stand so it only uses the singular display rather than the inbuilt one too.

    If I remove the display, start up the app the game is too big for me to be able to navigate to the options. I'll investigate looking for a config file.
  • I've fixed it, for those who have the same trouble. (Rubber duck debugging FTW)

    I turned off Energy Saver prefs: "Automatic Graphic Switching"
    I then loaded it without the monitor and it loaded fine. I changed Full Screen to off.
    Then when I had the display back in, it all worked beautifully :)
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