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Do you think you'll go for the 1,000,000 achievement?

posted by Magic Emperor on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
Also known as the 1% achievement. I don't think I will. I'm not that good. Eh, 17 out of 18 achievements is good enough for me. :P
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  • Already did, took me 30 wins to do it and got what I assume to be the unflattering rank of Luckimus Maximus, Gambling Gladiator or some such.

    It was glorious to finally pull it off.
  • I will forever remain in the 99% lol. I do know one of my friends got all the achievements, dunno how many tournies he did to do it though. I dunno if I'll ever get the 1 mil achievement, but if it happens sweet. If not then no big deal.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I got the 1 million achievement too. I think all that time playing Poker Night at the Inventory plus replaying Telltale Texas Hold'em a bunch of times for my blog really helped. :p
  • Got the achievement and I STILL don't hear the dialogue bit about the adventures
  • It really doesn't take that long. Heck, you can unlock everything in this game in fewer tournaments than it takes to unlock everything in the first game. I unlocked everything and got all the achievements in about... fifteen tournament wins?

    Of course that was with very few losses...
  • I have so much money in Poker Night 1, yet getting money in this game was way harder
  • Well, bully for you winners. :D I'll keep playing, but despite having everything but the last achievement I'm just not quite there yet.
  • Well I am 1/2 a million down so...
  • Not likely, after the first night of playing (multiple blunders on the head of my boyfriend, of course) I was already down a couple hundred thousand, at the moment I think I'm at about -350k. All I've got left to unlock's the whole Portal set so I'm not sure how much I'll keep playing after that.
  • Let me offer some encouragement:

    One million divided by 80k (a single win's profit) is 12.5.
    It takes 4 losses to remove the profits from a win.

    Even if you're having trouble and winning, let's say, only once per 3 tournaments, that means it'd take 25 tournaments.

    Assuming each tourney is 15 minutes (which is an overstatement, considering the losses would cut the game short, but then again, some games really drag), that means it'd take 6 hours and 15 minutes starting from $0, which you can always do by resetting your save file.

    Of course, within 25 tournaments' time, your skill is bound to improve a huge amount. So you'd likely wind up playing much less before hitting that milestone.
    Six hours sounds a lot, but if you like this game beyond unlocking stuff, you're bound to play that much eventually. It's one of those "matter of time" achievements.

    edit: Oorrr maybe not. I've recorded a few games and turns out I really underestimated their length. One was 17 minutes, another was 20, and yet another was a whopping 32. To be fair, I think we made some kind of record with that last one - Sam and I seem to have hit a blind limit at 1,600 and 3,200.
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