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  • May I make a thread for my playthrough of all five episodes of The Wolf Among Us...I have one for The Walking Dead idk if i can do one for The Wolf Among Us and alot of people love my TWD videos so let me know

  • That shouldn't be a problem. Lets Plays are pretty popular on these forums.

  • Where can make the thread there isnt a Hints and Help section

  • You can just post it in the Wolf Among Us general section (as far as I know there won't be any new sub-sections created for the new forum).

  • I think number 5 should be corrected. The season pass is 20 dollars on the PSN.. Also.. It would make no sense if you saved nothing by buying the seasons pass, thus pre-ordering all 5 episodes = 20 instead of 25. Or is this website selling it for 25? All I know is I paid 20..

  • Consoles are a bit better off, it seems. But the PC version on this site and Steam DO ask 24.99$ for the game ("season pass").

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    I think number 5 should be corrected. The season pass is 20 dollars on the PSN.. Also.. It would make no sense if you saved nothing by buying the seasons pass, thus pre-ordering all 5 episodes = 20 instead of 25. Or is this website selling it for 25? All I know is I paid 20..

    "Season Passes" work differently on PC/Mac and Consoles/iOS. On PC/Mac, a "Season Pass" is basically treated as buying the full game upfront, and with newer series such as The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us, you cannot purchase episodes individually while on these platforms.

    On Consoles and iOS, you are required to purchase the first episode and afterwards have the option of buying the "Season Pass" containing the rest of the series, or alternatively have the option of buying individual episodes as DLC.

    In other words, PC/Mac versions of the "Season Pass" act as the whole series including episode 1, and the Console/iOS versions of the "Season Pass" act as everything after the first episode.

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    NEGATIVE!! You are mistaken.

    I didn't pay anything for episode 1. I just purchased the seasons pass at 20 dollars on the PSN and then downloaded episode 1 without paying anything more then what I did for the seasons pass..

    Thus all I paid is 20 dollars which includes every single episode present and to come :)

    You can also purchase episodes 1 an a time on the console.. I had that option and chose instead to purchase the season pass as you saved money doing so.

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    You save 5 dollars if you just buy the seasons pass on the PSN.

    If you buy it here on site, or wherever, like for PC etc.. You don't save $5. You pay full price at 5 dollars an episode = 25..

    Which I don't think is fair for everyone else.. As it makes sense to gain something from pre-ordering all the episodes, or putting in buyer's faith towards the idea that you will enjoy all 5.

    I guess everyone who isn't on console has to pay extra.. Sorry fokes :(

  • You have to pay $25 for it on Xbox 360 as well (Blind Sniper is correct that for that console you have to first buy episode one to get the $20 season pass). Only PSN and iOS users get the game cheaper. It was the same for The Walking Dead Season One as well.

  • So in other words.. On top of a huge delay with no communication we get an extra $5 punch to the face over PSN buyers..

  • Speaking as someone who has both been punched in the face and overpaid for a product by a $5 margin, I can say with total confidence that the former is a far more unpleasant experience.

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    (9 was all I needed to read. I'm never buying a Telltale game again.

  • I can't wait for Season 2 (however long it might take to release).
  • There will be second season? I Hope so. I Love this game.

  • In the butcher shop on the chalkboard I saw "Steak and Willingham Cheese".

  • Me too. It is just too good to just abandon the project completely. There must be at least DLC or better - another series. I´m looking forward to it. Please. It would be really awesome.

  • A player of the game on kindle here. And the suspense of ep4 is killing me! Not read any spoilers yet either. Getting harder to though.

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    Yes, after three years, Telltale store PC/Mac Season customers will finally receive a free bonus game DVD just for shipping costs.

    "After three years"? Sorry, but is this some kind of joke?

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    That statement is expressing excitement over the fact that the bonus DVDs have returned after no Telltale store bonus version has been available for their games for over three years (the last one was Back to the Future: The Game in 2011).

    I'll add the note about BTTF to clarify things in the FAQ.

  • Speaking of which - is there any word on when the DVD is going to be available? Seems to have completely vanished from the radar - no news, no details, no nothing....

  • No word yet, but it takes a while after the season is over, since they traditionally add bonuses to the DVD that take time to produce, such as commentaries, behind the scenes, soundtracks, etc (although not all of these are guaranteed to be on the DVD, they're just examples of what have been on the bonus DVDs in the past). Like all of Telltale's products, we don't hear about it until it's just about ready to ship. Hopefully it won't be too long now.

  • I just purchased the disc version of this game for Xbox 360 and it is so laggy during action sequences it is unplayable. The frame rate drops to 0 and I have no time to hit the buttons that need to be hit. Is there any patch coming for this or any way I can load it on to my hard drive?

  • I'm also hoping for a patch or an option to install the whole season on my xbox360 hdd. the game is so laggy, it really is almost unplayable. :(

  • When will season 1 episode 2 be fixed? Because it keeps crashing on Samsung s3

  • I have the Xbox one version and i was wondering... i like to use subtitles and i always have to go into my settings every single time i load the game, this wasn't a problem for the walking dead and i was wonder if i could fix it. It is an issue i can tolerate, I'm just curious if i can get rid of it though

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    PLEASE ANSWER. If i buy The wolf among us on ps4 will i also get all the 5 episodes or i have to pay for every single one? (i dont use PSN and stuff like that. The question is if i buy the game 27$ or whatever, i have all the episodes or i need to buy after the first episode??)

  • I bought the game on PSN for my PS4 and I got all 5 episodes at once :)

  • Thanks for the reply :D One Last Question.. Did you Bought it through Credit Card Or Through PSN Card?

  • Thanks a Lot..! :) I seteted up my PSN Account and Going to buy the game today. See you Hazza..!

  • So first I installed the Demo and then I bought the Season pass and downloaded Faith. All was fine. Then I started to wonder about the "coming soon", searched the web and found out, it was a bug. In the meantime I downloaded all episodes. I installed them and suddenly Faith was inaccessable. I deleted it all, tried again, same thing. Currently my system is trying to update the game, alas, it tries that for some time now. What shall I do? I just wanna play the game.

  • Can somebody help me out here? I've got a kind of weird situation. It seems kind of similar to BeastCallisto's comment, but I haven't tried deleting everything out yet or anything else of that nature...yet.

    I'm having this issue on my Playstation 3. When I'm on the system, it won't give me the option to buy the season pass or even so much as each individual episode past Episode 1. It just says that content is unavailable whether individual episodes or season pass. However, when I went to the Playstation Store website with my account, it gives me the option to add the individual episodes to the cart, but instead of saying content unavailable...the season pass just tells me I'm "ineligible."

    What's going on and how can I remedy all this? I really like the game and have no problem paying money to pay it, but I can't pay money to play if I'm unable to even download the other episodes. Please help.

  • Greetings beloved, I'm New to this whole gaming system. I have so many questions. I don't wanna come across as a nuisance, but I wanna be able to familiarize myself with the whole scenario. I keep reading different posts and I keep seeing where players are mentioning "NEWBIE GUIDE". What does that mean, and where can I get one?

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