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Glitch: No More Challenges?

posted by lutece on - last edited - Viewed by 750 users

Despite some glitches and freezing issues (I'm going to report an interesting glitch in another thread just for your records after I submit this) I love the game, because, well, combining poker and GLaDOS makes me a very happy girl.

But ever since I won all bounty items, I don't get offered challenges anymore (sorry if that's not what they're called - it's when you get the three random tasks to complete, like "deploy all Venture Bros items" or "win a showdown with less than 25%"). I know I won the last set, but they've never come up again since I won the last bounty item right afterward. It's been at least a week of playing often while I'm relaxing at night, and often winning. Surely it would be time for a new one?

I'm thinking this is a glitch because sometimes when the program is going from one screen to another it will show my last challenge with the last part I completed unchecked for a second - but it won't let me see the challenge during gameplay and when I did the same task again it still didn't move on.

Not having the challenges to complete really hurts the game's replay value - any chance of a patch or anything I can do to fix this? Please feel free to ask anything to clarify this - I know it's not clearly written, but dangit it's kind of hard to describe!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    This is as intended as Bounty Challenges were a prerequisite for obtaining each bounty item. Since you've acquired all 5 bounty items, there will not be anymore challenges.
  • Oh wow, really? That greatly reduces replay value. I feel like once you see the wining/losing/decoration changes for each theme, there's really nothing much else left to do in the game then.

    I must admit that makes no sense to me at all, especially since during the "shuffling" process you see all sorts of interesting-looking challenges. I hate to say it, as I do love the characters involved and I'm a big poker fan, but now I'm on the side of those who say, especially given how it glitches and freezes, this game is ridiculously overpriced.
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