Spoilers, I Guess: Glitch When Winning With All Sam/Max Items Deployed

I just ran across a kind of amusing glitch tonight I hadn't seen before - forgive me if it's been discussed. It happens when you're playing with all Sam & Max items deployed and then win the tournament.

(I guess these are spoilers if you haven't seen this ending, so don't read on if that sort of thing bothers you.)

You know how when you win, Max comes out, gives you a kiss, and asks you to call him? Well, that whole sequence happened....but there was no Max! The "camera followed" him, the audio played, I got the little kiss mark "on my face," but there was no Max at all. Either that or he turned invisible.

I'd seen the correct ending before, so it wasn't particularly annoying, but I thought I'd post it here in case you wanted it for your records. Despite the pretty huge amount of glitches and freezing, I still love this game and find myself returning to it after work all the time - this plus a nice drink is the perfect post-work wind down.
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