105 Reality 2.0 problem - possible bug?

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I bought the pack of games from gog.com a few weeks back, and I'm having trouble with the money laundering puzzle. Put simply, the money will not go downwards, regardless of how the arrows are pointing. It will go back and forth between the top row, but no matter what I do it will not go anywhere else.

Please advise!:confused:


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    I just encountered this game-blocking issue with the GOG.com release. Please fix!
  • I can't find a fix for this any place. I played thought it once with no issues. I think there is a issue someplace in the game. Can the devs reply to this? I love this game and wanted to play though again.

  • well it seems to be a bug in GOG and the direct downloads from telltale. The steam versions do not have this bug. As of this post steam fall sale all three seasons are just 10 bucks. worth picking up even if you do have it already. Maybe it will show them we are still interested in sam and max.

  • It's disheartening that this bug has been around since at least 2012 and here in 2015 Telltale still haven't fixed it. The game as sold on this website isn't completable and has a showstopper bug that cannot be worked around. Gog.com and Steam both offer a different version that substitutes an older file, but this isn't the case here on Telltale's own site for their direct downloads. My choices are:
    1) Buy another copy of the exact same game from another store, or
    2) Give up playing it and watch a Let's Play video that shows me the ending

    Bad form, Telltale. :(

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