Poker Night 2 Necronomicon broken bug

Ok I won the Orb and got both items in both games. I won the Necronomicon and I got nothing in either game. I do not have the look in Borderlands 2 nor do I have the hat item in Team Fortress 2.

How can I fix this? In PN2 Ashe even mentioned to me he thought he'd never pawn that book off. So what gives?


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    Do you have the achievement that's associated with the Necrinomicon? If not, you were probably offline when you won this bounty item, which would not have awarded the achievement or TF2 item. However, for the Borderlands 2 item, you should be able to select the book and choose to 'Download' the Borderlands unlockable again. You should have a Shift message notification stating that you unlocked the item. If you do, but do not have the item in game, please contact Gearbox Support at for further assistance.
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    Yeah I am having the same problem. The achievement is showing in Steam, but not in Shift or in Borderlands2, even after multiple clicks of the download button in Poker Night 2. I have sent a message to gearbox support.

    I have to say, Poker Night 2 is fun when it works, but I have spent a lot of time the last couple days since I got it trying to troubleshoot problems. Overall I am disappointed in it and had I known I probably would have skipped it or at least waited until it gets patched.
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    I do not have the achievement in Steam. It is not showing up in my rewards list in B2 either. But the book is in my win stuff on the table in PN2. I have clicked and reclicked download on the book and nothing changes.

    Should I try to contact gearbox? It doesn't seem to be their problem.
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    I don't have the achievement for it, perhaps because I was offline but if that's the case do you have the be online for it to give you achievements?
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