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What was your opinion about the Walking Dead before you bought it.

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My thoughts were mostly negative, I thought the graphics sucked and I had never heard of Telltale. I think I even thought they were called Talltale, but obviously my opinion changed, what were your thoughts about the game before buying it.
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  • Episode 1 for free, can't do anything wrong trying it can I? Approximately 2 and a half hours later (I'm slow playing such games, because I looove to enjoy the atmosphere, just like in Bioshock Infinite, where I strolled through the streets for about an hour before getting really started, just looking at things, trying to interact with people and stuff...) I thought... well shit... stores are closed, do I really have to wait for tomorrow to get some microsoft points, I wanna play Episode 2 now, god damnit!

    After finishing it then, The rest of the week (to say the very least...) I couldn't get myself to do anything at all, my mind being busy with this masterpiece. I think that speaks for itself, or at least for the impact that game had on me.
  • Saw it for the first time From Total Biscuit on his WTF is... series.
    Wasn't really a fan of purely story driven games nor a TWD fan.
    The game looked average but when i heard how interesting the dialogues were and that your decisions could make a difference i was sold.

    This is now by far my favorite game and it made me watch the whole series of TWD and it was totally worth it.
  • First time i see it it was nothing special,but i wanted to try how it looks and now this is one of my favorite games
  • At first I passed the game, and then bought it
  • After being a longtime fan of the TV show and an avid reader of the comics, I was skeptical of the game. "Oh, this group is going to be nowhere as near as good as Rick's group."

    Man, was I wrong.
  • I'm a huge fan of TWD comic's and TV-show, and from day one I knew TellTale was gonna release a TWD game, I knew it was gonna be good. And damn I was right!
  • I played a few of Telltale's games before and enjoyed them, and i love zombie-related material and story focused games so it was an easy choice for me.

    I didn't expect it to be as good as it was, but i didn't expect it to suck either. I went in thinking i would enjoy it regardless.
  • My first thoughts?

    "Jeez, there's already a book and TV series to go along with this comic. They must be milking the franchise for all it's worth now. No way am I getting that."

    Lo and behold, I downloaded Episode 1 on launch day and never regretted it
  • Well, just days before going in with the game, I started getting into the TV series( I caught up 2 seasons in three days), and I was already into the comics, so when my bro told me episode 1 was free, although I was skeptical and wary of trying a game from a company I had never heard of and wasn't related to either branches of TWD, I decided "What the heck? Why not?" After the end of episode 1, I was nearly cursing at the fact they left on such a cliff hanger. I wanted to know what happened next xD. Man were those 1 1/2 to 2 month intervals a pain...
  • i played quite a few telltale games before the walking dead game, but it wasn't until buying the walking dead game at episode 2 that i finally accepted the idea of episodes for games, the whole idea seemed to me like a way of just selling a full game in parts to get more money out of us (i still wouldn't just buy one episode though) but now i can see that it has it's own merits and isn't just selling a book in chapters or a film in acts it is actually living up to it's name of "episodes" like a TV show, unlike Half life episodes, which was probably one of the reasons i resented the term episodes relating to games.

    anyway i am a fan of zombies, a fan of adventure games, a fan of telltale games and a fan of the walking dead (TV show mainly) so i was gonna play the walking dead game eventually, if i remember correctly you could pre-order it but i don't usually do that, so i was gonna wait until the full game came out untill i bought it because of the frustrating waiting between previous game episodes, but i had been seeing some videos about the walking dead game (lets plays etc.) on my subscription feed (which i had to avoid) but then i saw it on steam and impulse bought it and i'm glad i did
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