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What is your favorite game other then Walking Dead

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What is your favorite game or series of games other then Walking Dead? I like the Bioshock series, big surprise, and Fallout so what is yours.
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  • I honestly do not pay attention to if I am in the spoiler forums or not when I make threads, that might be a problem in the future but if it needs to be moved now I am fine with it.
  • - Journey and thatgamecompany's other masterpieces of Flower and Flow
    - Tomb Raider reboot
    - Fatal Frame/Project Zero 1, 2 and 3
    - Heavy Rain
    - Portal and Portal 2
    - Batman Arkham games
    - Valkyria Chronicles
    - Dead Island (my guilty pleasure)
    - Mirror's Edge

    I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to The Last of Us as well - so much Game of the Year potential.

    That's... quite a selection there.
  • Legend of Dragoon :D

  • Maniac Mansion is the all time favorite. Here are some of my other favorite titles,

    Silent Hill series
    Dead Rising 1 & 2
    Resident Evil 1 & 2
    GTA series
    Day of the Tentacle
  • World of tanks
  • hmmm. This is tough. I used to be a FPS guy, but TWD game changed that, now I am a character and plot driven guy. But i still enjoy FPS. I love cinematics in games, just makes it that much more intense.

    I would say:

    1- TWD
    2- The Last of Us (Havnt played it but i know it will be, maybe even take 1st.)
    3- Uncharted 2
    4- Modern Warfare 2
    5- Twisted Metal 2
    6- Crash Bandicoot 1 & 2

    For those who said Dishonored I laugh. That game was a piece of crap.
  • Gta series bioshock infinite and fallout series
  • You may be a Lilly fan but are alright in my book.
  • portal1/2

    deus ex human revolution

    saints row 2

    zelda ocarina of time

    zelda wind waker

    zelda twilight princess

    metroid prime

    gears of war 123 (judgment not so much)

    bioshock 1 (not played 2 or infinite yet)

    gta san andreas / 4 sans dlc

    half life 1/2 eps 1/2

    bttf ttg

    twd s1 of course for dem feels..
  • Milo you might want to skip over Bioshock 2 and just go for Infinite, and thank god I am not the only one that was disappointed in Gear of War Judgement, it's nowhere as good as Gears 3.
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