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What is your favorite game other then Walking Dead

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What is your favorite game or series of games other then Walking Dead? I like the Bioshock series, big surprise, and Fallout so what is yours.
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  • Me? I absolutely loved it, and enjoyed every damn second of it until the very end.
    I conciously decided to ignore the minor flaws it of course had, but rather enjoy the atmosphere, characters (especially Elizabeth and the Luteces), the gameworld, the fights and have as much fun as possible.
    To be honest it is one of the few games I actually finished this year, because since TWD I barely finish games anymore, especially no mediocre ones, only the best of the best and that is what I think Bioshock Infinite is. Definitely one of my highlights this year.

    After the ending I was just sitting there and starring at the main menu for an approximate 15 minutes, just thinking about all that stuff, you know mind = blown.

    I wouldn't say game of the year though... at least not yet, still much to come
    (The Last of US, GTA V, TWD S2 etc...)
  • dunno about conversion rates but when i need to check i use

    anyone else tempted by the gta 5 collector edition ? that hot rod looks pretty sweet

    i have preordered it on 360 and using some of my points to make it cheaper.
  • If I was a betting man I would put the game of the year nominations as Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, GTA 5, and maybe Watch Dogs, out of those I would like Infinite to win but more then likely GTA 5 will win.
  • The odds seem to say so, although Fallout 3 kicked IV's ass in '08 so anything is possible.
    Critics like games that do something new, GTA V will be an epic game I believe, but will it do something new? No, not really, only enhance the good old things. And from how I know Rockstar the story will be good at best, then again the characters will more than likely be unforgettable, that's one of Rockstar's many strenghts. Anyone who played the respective games will remember chars like Ricardo Diaz, Phil Cassidy, Kent Paul, Ken Rosenberg, Maccer, Big Smoke, Brucie Kibbutz, Avery Corrington, Looove FIST!, etc.
    My point is: The battle is not yet decided, and Quantic Dream has an ace up their sleeves as well, that could be very well Beyond Two Souls.

    I hope GTA does not become game of the year, I grew up with GTA and love it beyond death, but everyone knows that franchise very well, the title won't get them any more fans than it is, other games and developers need that more. Everyone knows how great the GTA series is, no need for GOTY awards, they'll get far beyond enough awards as it is anyways. And their sales will be ground-breaking IV got sold over 25 Million copies, not to mention illegal ones, and V will do even better.
  • No kidding about the characters Rockstar does not have the best story's but they have some great characters as every time I think of a great western character I think of Red Dead Redemption's John Marston.

    I do not want GTA 5 to be GOTY for the same reasons you have, shame that I do not have a PS3 as I want to play the Last of Us so I can not grade how good it is, so that's why I want Infinite to be GOTY due to it's innovation.
  • big smoke, tencredi, that guido bitch you kidnap christie ? roman, brucie, the blind yakuza guy,

    in fact i remember more of gta san andreas than IV character wise.
  • The walking dead, the walking dead, the walking dead, the walking dead.... I'm such a joker but seriously the walking dead is one of my favourite games of all time. Let me just look around my game draw full of 3DS games and Wii games. So other games that I like are the legend of zelda series I have 4 of those, minecraft, pokemon, slender. I don't an Xbox so none of my games are not as cool as all of yours.
  • Dragon Age Origins! Love that Game and the Characters. Pity DA2 Sucked.
  • Crixus wrote: »
    Dragon Age Origins! Love that Game and the Characters. Pity DA2 Sucked.

    It's exactly my thoughts.
  • State of Decay. I've been playing it for over a week now and having a total blast!
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