LeChuck's Revenge Movie Trailer

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Several years ago I made a Monkey Island movie trailer featuring visuals from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The only appropriate game audio out at the time was the MI4 prologue, so that served as the backbone. While I'm happy with how well it's been received, I had originally intended for the video to be edited more like an actual movie trailer.

Now at long last I've gotten around to creating a fan trailer for a Lechuck's Revenge movie. I've also created a shot-by-shot breakdown so you can see where the clips came from that I used and how closely they match up with the moments they represent in the game.


  • Update:Trailer is finished and ready for your viewing pleasure

  • that's amazing!

  • Considering you were forced to use already existing material (like a collage), I don't think that could have been done better. It's fantastic! If none of us had seen PotC, I think that trailer could have been very convincing. I was smiling, then smirking and finally laughing my head off! (sorry, Bob)

  • Dude that's really really cool :) I think Orlando bloom sounds heaps better with that voice dubbed over him :)

    We could only hope for a monkey Island movie.. maybe once the carribean memories dissipate in about 5 years time Disney might want to make another pirate movie and now that they own Guybrush and co. it might actually happen... after they finish farming out Star Wars films :) Of course, it would be even BETTER if they did a MI tv show instead :)

  • This is sensationally epic I must say!! Looks like it took you an age too, but it was worth it! Fantastic job! :D

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