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My silly stories (It holds around my vocabulary)

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Hi there, It may seem foolish at first glance! But I'll explain what I'm going to do.
As some of you know I'm trying to learning English by myself and in this way I did testing lots of methods, this thread is my newest method!

If you've noticed I'm using just simple word in my sentence, because my vocabulary is holds around 4000 words and I know it's really sack.

For now I'm working on it and planned to increase my vocabulary up to 15000
Because of that I've decided to make this thread to using the new words I will learn into a short and funny story! (I'll explain more about this)

How it will works?

As I said before I'm going to tell my stories limited to my vocabulary, I'll trying to make them funny and Valuable to be worth reading!

A request from "Darth Marsden" and other Mod

Thanks a lot for your help on my previous thread "(Help me to learn English Like a native)" I want to ask you to not merge this thread with my previous thread, It will be totally different with my last thread, I'll never ask any question in this thread! just telling stories

If you reading my silly stories please refer to wrongs if I had any minor mistake in my stories and posts like this.

First story : Crows and too easily life

The bold words are those that I'm trying to add in my vocabulary.

There was a group of crows that living in the northern territory, winter was coming and they decided to migrate from northern lands to southern lands, they counsel with each other and then started their journey to southern lands, they was fast and eager like a meteor in the dark night sky

Their energy was decreased and they were tired, after a long way they have reached to remote lands, they could feel the aroma of wheat, there was a wheat farm without any weed, just fresh wheat, but after they landed they saw a dreadful thing! that was looks like a scary statue! of course it was a scarecrow, they really scared him and were shaky like old woman on an escalator,

On of crow said to other" We came a long way and there is no way to come back there " She said: don't panic guys we can handle it, We can reach to bottom of everything by our brains.

To be continued ...
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