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Dear Telltale....

How much I love your games is needless to say.I'm a big fan.I love you as a company because you care for us fans,just as much as we care about you too.You show us that you care about our opinion and about what we think.

So my dear Telltale I have to ask you: Give us posters.Give us merchandise of your heroes and characters.I'm a fan and I wanna show it.I wanna show my love for your work.I want to have a big poster in my room's wall with Sam and Max and Lee and Carly.With your Jurassic Park crew and your Poker Night guest stars.With Marty and Doc,with the Walking Dead and crazy rabbit.
I want my room's door to have big nice Telltale brand names and scenes from your games.Kenny posing,Max teasing,Dinos lurking,Guybrush screaming.

Please my dear Telltale,give us posters and goodies of your work!!I love this company and these characters and heroes so much!
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