Tournament state not always being saved (despite saving)

A number of times I've started the game after quitting the game mid-tournament and either the option to continue wasn't there or continuing took me to a place much earlier in the last tournament.

Considering the game saves after every hand, this doesn't make much sense. Based on this, I should lose at most one hand (if I quit prior to it saving the currently hand). I shouldn't lose an entire tournament or entire portions of a tournament.

I've both benefited and been hurt by this. I was eliminated from a tournament and didn't get Ash's book. The game saved and everything so I quit. The next time I played, there was an option to continue the tournament which took me to the beginning of the tournament that I had lost (with Ash's book available). This time I won it.

I then played a few more tournaments. The last one I unlocked the final "bonus" objective and continued to play for a while (at least 5 or 6 hands, hence 5 or 6 saves) and then the game froze. When I went back in to play, the only option was to start a new tournament and the objective I completed was no longer completed (so I lost the entire last tournament).


  • I've seen this behavior too. I'm even a little bit OCD sometimes, where I won't even press the X button to deal the hand until I see the previous hand finish saving. All this because I'm afraid to lose my save after winning a good hand.

    What sometimes seems to happen is if I knockout a player close to the end of the tournament, when the game tries to show them leaving the table, the game will hard lock and when I resume the player will be back in the game (as in just prior to their losing hand).

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