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why only Steam?

posted by Trogdorman on - last edited - Viewed by 578 users
I wanna buy Poker Night 2 for the mac, but it's only available on Steam, and I don't really want to get steam. When will it be available in TTG store?
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  • It won't be. Ever.
  • why wouldn't you want Steam? it's free.
  • If it was on the Telltale Store you wouldn't be able to get the TF2 and Borderlands 2 unlocks, which are kind of a big selling point.

    With the first game they just gave away free Steam codes with every Telltale Store purchase, but I guess this time around they decided making it Steam-exclusive was easier. At this point I'm guessing the Telltale Store makes up only a very small portion of Telltale's revenue. Between Steam, GOG, Gametap, Origin, Humble Bundles, retail copies, consoles, and iOS, it's possible to own every Telltale game multiple times over without even having an account here.
  • just get it on iOS if youre really that big on not having Steam on your computer
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