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How many season of the walking dead game would like to see

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How many season of the walking dead game would you like to see. We all r waiting for the second season of the game. But how many do you think they should do.

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  • There have been other threads like this one, but I want to see at least 4-6. Would be great to get around 10 actually, but I understand that is asking a little too much xD
  • I don't want to see anymore than the second season. More seasons would just give the game recycled plot lines and bland characters, like the comics.
  • I am not sure as two seasons seems a bit short for such a great series but ten seasons is milking at that point, I guess maybe three seasons would be best.
  • I would love to see at least 4 seasons.
  • 5 seasons would be perfect IMO. Most shows are past their prime by season 5 and I would expect it to be similar for this game series.
  • I'd say 7, because I share Kirkman's opinion, he created the TWD comics, because he was always asking himself "and then what?" after all the classic zombie movies. The guy wanted a continuous survival story, so he created one himself, and I admire that.
    But back to topic, what I want to say is, that I want to know how each and everyone's story in TWD contiues, and if they all don't just die for the sake of closure, then many people will ask "what is with all those people?". And as long as TTG can figure out interesting plots and new characters I don't see why it would get repetitive or boring after 2 or 3 seasons already.
    Maybe not every year a season, but every 1,5 or 2 years? For quality's sake?

    But that again is my opinion on that.
  • If there is a good story to tell, then they should make it.

    They shouldn't make a new season if they have no inspiration to do new and different things. Depending on how season 2 ends, whether it would continue or not, I'd say 3 would probably be the limit before it started to feel overdone. With the bar set so high already with S1, it would take a LOT hard work to make the walking dead feel fresh, especially after the 10 seasons you guys are chatting about. :P
  • In honesty, I can't give an estimate. Telltale have some excellent writers, and I do not think I would ever be dissatisfied with the quality of their stories. Even if they made a comic strip of their own for Walking Dead would be good enough for me, because it is just that well-written. I'd LIKE to see at least 3 more seasons past season 2, for after about season 5 is when the creators try to simply milk their work off the success of the product. I would at least want maybe a season 3, to satisfy TWD as a gamer.

    But it all depends on them, the budget they have, the amount of people to make it happen, and the schedules they must keep. As long as Telltale could keep the games interesting and well-written, I wouldn't mind however many seasons.
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