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I'm trying to replay season 1 again

posted by master psychic on - last edited - Viewed by 169 users
You see I'm trying to replay season 1 because it was a great game but when i get to the part where i meet Lilly , Larry , Carley , Doug and Glenn i just stop and end the game simple as that .
I don't even know i mean i tried to replay this for like three times but whenever i get to the part where i meet the group in the pharmacy i just quit .
Maybe it's because i know what's gonna happen later with the whole Lilly kills Carley thing and i can't do anything about it and the ending where Lee dies and Clementine is alone .
So did you guys have the same problem about replaying season 1 and could you guys give me an advice about how can i replay season 1 without quiting because what's gonna happen later
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  • I've played it through 4 times alone, + a few times with friends, to me Episode 1 is always the most uninteresting part, because it is very slow and has not much besides the dialogue, which I already know. Once your through with episode 1, it will become more exiting again, because that is where things happen, and decisions are made. Speaking of decisions, depending on which you make you'll have quite a different experience than you had in your first playthrough, yet you can't change the very outcome.

    My tip is to just go ahead and struggle through episode 1 as fast as you can...

    Or a shortcut:... you make a copy of your savefile, rename the copy, so it will be in the second slot and rewind from any point you'd like. (Haven't tested that method, but it should work theoretically speaking...)
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