Episodic installments

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3-4 weeks imo would be ideal in between releases because it gives people time to play the ep, then come to the forums and analyze the characters, their motives, etc etc. In fact, coming back to discuss an episode is almost as fun as playing it.
But towards the end of last season the delays in episode release really made it hard to keep the momentum going- to the point I didnt even remember about Eps 4 and 5 and had to find out about them from the forums when I saw spoilers all over.

I hope you keep the episodic format but keep the releases more consistent


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    Agree, I really care about this too, I want to live with intrigue, I want to wait every episode, make guesses and theories. It gives the effect of the series, and if we get immediately the entire season, the effect will not as strong. I'm waiting for the second season already half a year, not for to finish it in 10-15 hours. <== Honestly, it's would ruin this game for me.
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