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Who did you feed?

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I'm not sure if someone has posted this before but in episode 2 I gave food to Clem (of course who wouldn't), Duck because he is a child and needs to keep his strength up, Kenny because I have his back and he has mine and Ben believe it or not, because I felt sorry for him because his friend died and probably most of his group and he lost his camp. I didn't feed Larry because the man punched me in the last episode and left me for the walkers, I didn't feed Lily because I didn't like her at the time, I tried to give Carley food but she refused, I didn't feed Mark and I have no reason, I have no reason to not feed Katjaa and I didn't save food for myself because I didn't want to be greedy. So I was wondering who you fed and why and who you didn't feed and why.
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  • I did the exact same things you did, even trying to feed Carley. Mostly for the same reasons too, although for Ben it wasn't so much that I felt sorry for him, so much as it was a process of elimination. Mark seemed like a gossip when he told Larry what I thought of him, I had already fed Kenny and Duck so I didn't want to just give all the food to one family, Carley wouldn't take it, and I didn't trust Lilly or Larry. So I gave Ben the food just because he was an unknown at the time, and by showing kindess now, I thought that there would be less chance for him to stab us in the back later on.

    Really wishing I'd given that jerky to Mark now.
  • I fed Clementine enough said, I fed duck and Kenny because we are bros and he is a nice kid, and Carley for saving me in the drug store, by luck I gave her the apple on the first try.
  • Clemmy and Duck. Kids first. Then Mark and Larry. Kept nuetral ground.
  • Clem, Duck, Kenny, and Mark.
  • I originally fed Clementine and Duck because not feeding the kids is just dickish, tried to feed Carley but she refused, fed Larry to try and prevent Lily from b!tching out at me, and fed Ben because I figured he hadn't gotten much to eat out in the wilderness.

    My second time through the game, I still fed Clem and Duck, managed to get Carley to accept food, and fed Mark since I figured a guy about to die might as well get a last meal. What with knowing how later episodes would end up, there was no way I was going to bother trying to keep Lily or Ben happy that time.
  • Clem, Duck, Kenny, and Mark. If I could give all the food to Clem, I would have.
  • I think, in one of the Playing Dead videos, it had the stats of who got fed in the group. Clementine won, of course, but apparently 3% of people actually didn't give her food. I'm pretty sure Duck was next.
  • I'll always feed:
    Clem - gotta take care of mah girl Clemmy
    Duck - brownie points for kenny and everyone approves
    Carley - besides Lee crushin' on her, it's good to keep your best shot fed

    I'll never feed:
    Larry - He tried to kill Lee at the pharmacy, maybe if he has less energy he won't escalate every situation into an argument.
    Ben - I never thought that kid would make it to ep. 5, but he's still brand new to the group so I wouldn't feed him over the others

    I'll usually go with either Kenny or Mark for that last piece of food, I gave some to Lilly on my first play through before I knew she was boarding the train to crazy town.
  • Duck- Clem - Ben - Mark
  • Thanks for replying everyone, your choices are interesting and I was surprised that Rock114 chose the exact same thing as me. I look forward to reading more posts.
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