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What properties could work as adventure games?

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With telltale doing an adventure game based off of Fables. I had this thought for a while now. Since most of the things out there like movies and comic books get adapted into video games. Most of them just follow the average gaming route(beat-em up and etc). However, most of them don't get adapted into video games. So what movies and comic books/graphic novels do you think could work as point and click adventure games? Note...This IS NOT a 'Telltale should make X' thread. This is a thread for properties that would work as adventure games made by different studios. So name the property, who should make the game, and why it would work as an adventure game.

One of the things me and my brother were talking about was a point and click adventure game based off of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He suggested to me that it should be done like Toonstruck, although, since Disney has managed to put good use for putting their 2D characters in CG(example Epic Mickey) they could make the human characters 3D looking while using cel shaded graphics for the animated characters. I did joke that the team who did L.A Noire should develop it. But I dont see that happening anytime soon.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Pfft, we all know you're talking about National Treasure. Or maybe it's The Da Vinci Code...
  • LOST immediately jumps to mind given its many locations, ruins, and mysteries. BBC's MERLIN would be an awesome one as well. Can you imagine exploring the castle, having to go to other locations, ruins, the Isle of the Blessed, the Fisher King's Kingdom, etc? Sherlock could work as well since its nature is puzzle solving although oriented around crime. ADVENTURE TIME would make an AMAZING adventure game all they do is explore fantastic lands, ruins, ancient enemies and a mysterious post apocalyptic medieval fantasy world.

    Also, enough with the fantasy adventure games. We need adventure games that take place in the future. Someone mentioned another Blade Runner, and yes, I agree, fantastic property, one of the best adventure games I ever played.
  • Obligatory mention of Firefly.

    I think a lot of TV shows would work well as adventure games, given the relatively slow pacing, the episodic nature and the fact that there's not usually a whole lot of action in them (at least, not all at once).

    My personal picks would include Futurama, Suits, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Psych, Castle (which already has a game that's none too shabby, if you're curious), Babylon 5, Hustle, Sherlock, Elementary (they're too different to count as one), Moonlighting, (A Town Called) Eureka, Stargate, The 4400, Spin City, Las Vegas... god, I could just go on and on.
  • A can of Fanta would easy be adapted to adventure gaming medium since the protagonist taste like orange.
  • There's this comic book, called "Prophet". It has an unique art style and a very interesting, alien setting. The game adaptation could be very ""Another World"/"The Dig" and people would love that. And since Telltale are into comic book adaptations, I think they could make it work. And they haven't made sci-fi yet, so it would be kinda fresh.
  • I agree that Robert Langdon of the Dan Brown books would make an excellent adventure game character.

    Riddles, exotic locations, interesting villains, plot twists, lots of history thrown in...

    I can see some epic adventure games with that material.
  • Bones could work its a hit TV series and the crime story drama lends its self to TTG's direction though it would be nice if they pony up for the real voice actors.
  • How about Harry Potter: The Adventure Game?

    That would get a lot of new players into the genre.

    How about a Simpsons point-and-click? I would love that!
  • MtnPeak wrote: »
    How about Harry Potter: The Adventure Game?

    That would get a lot of new players into the genre.

    How about a Simpsons point-and-click? I would love that!

    Harry Potter I'm not so sure about, what Telltale does best is they break new ground with the story and I don't want a rehash of the books, but a Simpsons game could be interesting and it might get people interested in the show again since recently I hear the episodes haven't been that great.
  • One of the central problems with present adventure game design is that developers veer away from inventory based mechanics and 'puzzles' because they are thinking that this doesn't fit the franchise and feels alien to their story - and possibly automatically pulls it in a direction of humor and parody. So what you need is a franchise of epic stories in which the hero is a thinker in principle and by job description, but one who knows how to act when things get rough as well. One used to libraries as well as ancient graves. A scientist and explorer. This has to be a franchise in which ancient machinery or the discovery of the truth of myths doesn't feel out of place. One in which lines on a map mark the hero's way and one in which the X marks the spot.

    ...ah, no, such a franchise surely doesn't exist.
    Doctor who checks almost all of those boxes. The Doctor is a thinker. Their are plenty of epic episodes, and things to get pretty tough for him too. He's also visited his fair share of graves (including his own. How many people can say that?). And he is most definately an scientist/explorer, plus exposing myths is kind of his speciality.

    And the doctor who adventure games were pretty awful.
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