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Poker Night at the Inventory Crashes After TTG Screen

posted by Planex on - last edited - Viewed by 438 users
First of all, I'd like to take a moment to LOL @ this forum. Almost every single post contains the words "crash" "bug" or "can't." Does Telltale make the shoddiest games ever or what?

Now then, on to the problem. I'm having the "PNatI crashes after the first screen" issue. I've looked online and tried everything that has been suggested. I can't install VC++ 2010 because I have a newer version installed. Other than that none of the "fixes" have worked. Is there a known solution? If so, why isn't it sticky'd at the top of the forum? If not, why isn't there a sticky saying "we know about the problem and we're working on it." Is it because you're not working on it? Seriously, this game was released how many YEARS ago?! Fix it already!

You know, I bought this game to support a charity and after all the headache of trying to make it run correctly I regret that decision. Telltale Games has made me regret supporting a charity. Congratulations, I'll never buy another one of your games.
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  • Planex;798154 said:
    Does Telltale make the shoddiest games ever or what?
    I would make a comment, but I don't want to get another infraction for speaking my mind.
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