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Looking back

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Look back on the previous episode. Now that you know the outcome of the series does it change your opinions on the characters and the choices you made. Do you have any regrets and if you have replayed the game what did you change?
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  • No regrets... i never used the rewind feature, so my first playthrough is my only true one.
  • I have absolutely no regrets since I played through the entire game 3 times and made choices different from each other. The most important "events" that I changed were picking to save Duck or Shawn, siding with Larry or Kenny at the drugstore, saving Doug or Carley, Killing the 2 brothers, stealing food from the car, letting Lilly back on the van or leave her to her fate, dropping Ben or pulling him up, chopping Lee's arm off or leaving it on, etc..
  • In my initial playthrough, which I'll carry over to S2, I did many things I've come to regret. Nevertheless those were choices I made and I'll deal with the consequences they bring.
    I haven't changed anything in my first save file, because I've played the game trough multiple times to see the different outcomes.
  • I regretted letting Lilly back into the RV, and I rewinded where you were picking who to go with you, since I messed up and accidentally said I'd go alone. That is the only part I went back on the first time, and simply because I made a mistake that was easily correctable.
  • In my initial playthrough, I shot Jolene.
  • Well, I felt guilt after realizing that Clementine saw me kill Danny, and after being confronted by the stranger about the supplies, but I stuck with my choices and their consequences based on what I was feeling at the time.

    I'm debating whether I should redo my St. John dinner outcome again though. I stumbled at the door the first time and accidentally let Clem eat Mark, so I don't know whether to blame it on user error or 360 controller response time..

    I reacted on impulse on shooting the girl in Macon as well. I condone the idea of granting her mercy, but I ended up risking safety on a vital job to aid someone who was undeniably long gone.
  • I kept trying to kill larry with kindness, in hindsight it was a waste of efforts. Other than that I was happy with the majority of my decisions
  • No regrets at all, maybe the only regret would be trusting Lilly to the point I thought she would not murder someone, other then that no.
  • A couple regrets, yeah. Biggest one would be dropping Ben. I did everything I did to keep my group alive, so most of it is alright with me (like helping Kenny in the meat locker, or leaving Lilly) but dropping Ben is the only choice I would have gone back and changed if I could (I didn't want to rewind, so I didn't).
  • I wish I had killed the walkie talkie stranger myself when I had the chance.

    I regret putting Clem in a position where she had to kill a man.
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