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No Deaths

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So it's me again with another thread and this time I was wondering if you managed to get through the entire game without dying (don't count Lee's actually death) I nearly made it through the whole game without dying but a walker got me in episode 4 when Lee got stuck in the bell tower staircase and I spent to long trying to free my leg so When I looked up a walker launched itself on top of me and rip out my organs. That was my only death in the entire game so raged a lot when it happened. So if you didn't make it through the game without dying, how many times have you died, what episodes were they, what happened, what was the cause of death and what was the death cutscenes like?
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  • in my original playtrough i died twice same time as you once and the other time was when i told Brenda PUT THE GUN DOWN BITCH
  • I kept walking toward Brenda when she pointed the gun at me. Also, the train station in episode 3.
  • I only died once, and that was when I wasn't quick enough to shoot one of the bandits that were coming for the RV.
  • I personally died a shit ton of times trying to find different death scenes :D
  • Once when Danny shot the rifle. "See where he is now."

    -The non-canon deaths in this game are hilarious. I hope TT continues this in season 2.
  • They were pretty creative in that respect as I thought they would be the same every time, to answer the question I died from the famous Brenda hallway, I kept walking the first time and that was the only death in my play through.
  • Weirdly on my first play-through i didn't get shot by Brenda and haven't managed that since.

    I died in the bell tower, in the sewer (stupidly), shot by Bandits in ep 3, and humiliatingly when i timed out on the Carley/Doug choice. I can't remember the cut scenes for any of them.
  • On my first playthrough, I died quite a few times. First time, was trying to save Katjaa. Another death was when I got my leg stuck on the stairs in episode 4. One more death was during the badass scene where Lee goes around with a meat cleaver pwning those walkers.
  • I died at least twice I think. One time was me, being to stupid to properly stab a walker with the screwdriver at the motel xD. And the other one I remember was continuously walking towards Brenda and biting the bullet.
  • Most people died on the Brenda hallway it seems, and I thought I was the only one:rolleyes:
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