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Season 2 Villain

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Apart from zombies of course, what sort of human villain would you want? Mostly I think a villain like Vaas from Far Cry 3 would fit well in the Walking Dead universe, or some kind of military group who are abusing their power, but that is pretty cliche in zombie films/games recently.

Accidently posted this is in the other section but it would be better here in case people mention The Stranger or St. Johns.
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  • A kind of character that hasn't been used at all in the apocalyptic zombie genre.

    I want new, fresh stuff, not cliches pretending to be new, fresh stuff.
  • Yeah it's hard to think of what they could do though. Cannibals has been done quite a few times before the St. Johns in zombie films. Not so sure about the whole kidnapping thing going on with Campman/Stranger.
  • I think they should focus more on the walkers and not people as the enemy, as only episode 4 was all about the walkers.
  • Sex traders/traffickers would be an interesting twist. Just about everything in the zombie genre has been done (zombie strippers is a movie lmao), but I think a group with kids and women would be particularly interesting to see if the 'bad guys' other than zombies were out to use them as currency.
  • I think they should focus more on the walkers and not people as the enemy, as only episode 4 was all about the walkers.

    The whole point of TWD is that the humans are much of a bigger threat than the zombies. I like this theme, which is why I didn't like episode 4 that much.

    I do agree that there should be more zombie combat, but I still want the whole theme of "humans vs. humans" apparent throughout season 2.
  • I agree human vs human needs to stay as it's the Walking Dead's main theme, just maybe more zombie content a bit more often.
  • Desmodus87 wrote: »
    sex traders/traffickers would be an interesting twist.

  • To be honest, I don't think the game needs a villain. What the game needs is to portray walkers as a much more scarier threat than they look. If you want antagonism than why not have betrayal in the group but for the right reasons, maybe Clem or whatever we're playing as wasn't a good leader causing people to leave.

    I don't want black and white, I want shades of grey.
  • As I've said in a previous post, as far as "villains" go, someone like Shane from the show would be interesting in Season 2. Now I actually did like him; he was a very interesting character and Jon Bernthal was amazing. But as he grew darker as a person, and became a threat to some of the other members of the group... that's when things got interesting.

    I would definitely not want to see another Stranger-type character in Season 2. It worked in S1, but it was a little silly for me. In S2, I definitely want more focus on zombies. I want to see more of the damage and devastation that the apocalypse has caused.

    I also want to see colorful characters. Some Season 1 characters could get a little one-dimensional at times. I want to see more complex personalities in Season 2; ones that go beyond labels like "cannibal" or "jerkass".
  • I want to see scarier zombies, more frightening situations. A villain is nice and all, but you're much more likely to be stabbed in the back by your friends than some random person. Would love to see more fighting within the group, or another character like Larry.
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