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If I could change 3 things about the Season....

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Mine are
1. Death of Carley/Doug
2. Time Skip after ep.1
3. Lee's Death
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  • I might have picked Carley to live because I am curious as how the rest of the episodes would have played out, I would like to see the time between Episode 1 and 2 if it's not in the DLC, and I would actually keep Lee dead even though he is so awesome it needed to happen.
  • Oh wow, this isn't hard at all.

    Carley lives.
    Duck doesn't get bit.

    At this point I believe things would have happened differently, but just for good measure.

    Lee doesn't get bit.
  • it's not that hard because there is not many things that someone would want to change because the game is awesome, the main things people would change is characters dying as they were all great.
  • The only main thing I'd change would be to have Carley/Doug(whoever died in episode 1) show up in a later episode as a walker you must kill.
  • That would have been a nice twist, instead of the helicopter pilot walker attacking it would be Doug or Carley walker.
  • 1. Jolene was Clemntine's mom, and Lee killed her (more drama).
    2. Opportunity to let Campman take care about Clem, then Lee let Campman shoot him.
    3. Opening ending: If Lee kill Campman, game don't show us that Lee, and Clementine leave The Mursh House. They are in dead trap, and Lee will die very soon. (and the quastions in the end: It was totally worth it? Are you happy now? Do you think you're saved her? ) The end *sounds of walkers*
  • 1) Nothing.
    2) Nothing.
    3) Nothing.
  • 1) Burying Carley/Doug's body, so people would stop thinking they were still alive.
    2) Including more choices, and giving them more impact on the story and thus have at least slightly different outcomes.
    3) Maybe... just maybe not killing off Lee... yet.
  • Instead of the pilot zombie that you're forced to kill in episode three, I wish it were changed to either Carley or Doug (depending on who you left to die). I'd like to see how Carley would have changed the story if she lived, same with Lilly if she stayed.
  • Carley's death
    ability to save either Ben or Trevor
    Alternate ending where Lee doesn't die
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