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In the attic

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Episode 5 in the attic Christa and Omid asked who you wanted to look after Clem when you were gone. If I remember correctly you could say "Christa and Omid", "Kenny" or "Find her a family". I said I wanted Kenny to look after Clem because he was my bro, I trusted him and he had a family and knew how to be a father. So who did you want to look after Clem at the time and why?
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  • I picked Christa and Omid but I thought Kenny could still help protect her, shame it did not turn out like that.
  • I wanted Christa and Omid to be a family for her. Kenny seemed like a good option, but he had recently lost his own family and it just didn't seem right to have Kenny replace his son with Clementine so quickly. He was probably still grieving and wasn't feeling ready to be a dad again.

    Omid and Christa felt more natural to me since they are trying to have a family of their own what's with Christa's pregnancy and all (if the several hints are pointing towards this). Christa immediately cared about Clementine and wanted to bond with her upon their first meeting, and Omid adored Clementine as well. They're young and healthy, in comparison to Kenny's state of mind and his age (though he's not THAT old). They seemed like a perfect choice to me.
  • Christa and Omid altough i love Kenny i just didnt think he was ready be a father figure again
  • Your right maybe Kenny wasn't ready to look after Clem. But he never found out that I wanted him to care for her.
  • I said Christa and Omid, because Kenny was fucked in the head from Episode 3 onwards. He's my bro, and I would have gladly let him take Clem in a heartbeat if I thought he could do it, but he'd only lost Kat and Duck about 4 days before. Then the boat disappeared, and his best friend (in my game) got bitten. Aside from all that, I had a feeling that he wasn't going to make it.

    Although, I think if he were right in the head he'd be the better choice. He fought so hard for Kat and Duck, he'd have died for Clem in a heartbeat in my game.
  • IMO, the best options were Christa & Omid and finding her a family. Kenny had just gone through some terrible situations and needed some time to recover from some of that, so I chose Omid and Christa.
  • Here's a twist, in Season 2 we find out Christa and Omid are dead and Kenny is alive, just saying it would be something unexpected.
  • Kenny wasn't in the right state at that time, he had needed to be convinced to go looking for her pretty recently for me and was still deep in mourning, while Christa and Omid had volunteered immediately, had each other and weren't in the midst of depression so that dialogue choice made itself. (coming from a member of team Kenny)
  • I agree he was not ready to look after Clementine, maybe at a point if he lives but at that point it just was not time, he could still help though.
  • I'm starting to regret picking Kenny your right guys he wasn't ready to look after Clem after everything he had been through. Should have said Christa and Omid but still it doesn't really affect the story that much.
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