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Can you still get the "best Kenny ending" in episode 4 if...

posted by sardines on - last edited - Viewed by 580 users save Ben?

On my first playthrough, I sided with Kenny on absolutely everything, no exceptions. As a result, at the end of the fourth episode, he said he would go with me no matter what because I'd never let him down (basically - it's been a while so I don't remember the exact words.)

However, recently I wanted to replay the game, since our friendship sort of deteriorated in the fifth episode (it'd been a while since I played, so I chose a lot of rude options and picked up the statue myself etc.) I'm currently in Crawford in episode 4, but something crossed my mind - I dropped Ben in my last save, since Kenny would have wanted me to. As such, I only got to see what would happen from there on without Ben in the group.

I'm wondering - if I save Ben in Crawford, is there still a chance Kenny will give me the same speech? In other words, can I still get the best "ending" with him if I do? I know you have to do pretty much everything possible to please him in order to get it, but I don't know if the Ben decision counts or not.

Alternatively, what is a way I can drop Ben without making Clem upset? Is it possible to fail a quick time event and accidentally drop him somehow?
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  • I'm pretty sure you can get the speech if you save Ben, i remember the exact line Kenny gives when it comes to Ben's turn to join or not, it's in the bro-tone. You probably have to side with him on everything else, though.

    I don't think Clem will ever not be upset by dropping Ben(probably because Kenny always makes it sound terrible) but you can tell her he didn't want you to save him and she understands.
  • I sided with Kenny throughout the game and he told me at the end that I "didn't always have his back." Kenny's kind of a dick.
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