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People who saved Carley din't save her for sex

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I'm tired of hearing people say that the only reason that people would save Carley is because we are horny and we want sex and that we are stupid .
I saved Carley because she is trustworthy and always saved Lee from danger and helped him with his past .
I don't have a problem with people who saved Doug but i hate it when they accuse us of saving Carley because she is hot and we want to get laid .
Many people saved Carley for their own reasons not because they want to have virtual sex .
Im sorry im just lashing out but i am tired of some people accusing the entire community of Carley fans and the people who saved her of being mad animals because we never saved Doug .
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  • A girl by default uses to look better for a guy, that's a fact that you can see in games (like in MMORPG's). But that doesn't mean that we all think about sex only.
  • It's not that I don't agree with what you're saying but I'm pretty sure if she wasn't as attractive as she was then the stats might have been different.
  • Oh.... this thread again.

    That said, I saved Carley because to be honest I figured I could save them both... and I figured if I couldn't... someone grabbed through a window from behind would end up un-savable or you could save them but they'd have been bitten.

    It should be noted I've only technically played the game once.

    If I had to do it again, I'd still save Carley.... Doug's VA annoyed me something fierce.
  • I saved her because I felt she brought more to the table than Doug. (No offense Doug fans). Carley was a good shot, capable of handling her own and a good friend.
  • I saved Doug because he was closer. I felt like I would have time to grab Carley afterward, or that she would free herself in the meantime. I didn't know that you could only save one no matter what.
  • i really didn't expect any kind of relationship simulator in an adventure game, i didn't trust Carley because she was a reporter (even though i lied and said i did) and she didn't want to allow someone to take their own life knowing that they were going to die a in pain and then turn into a zombie, so we had fundamentally different views on things, whereas Doug just seemed like a nice guy that would be useful to have around
  • N7. wrote: »
    Bad guys
    Where are we going?
    God help us all
    N7. wrote: »
    How could I believe that?
    You're astray
    God help us all
    N7. wrote: »
    We are all sinner
    God help us all again

    Is your life really this pathetic?
  • Doug would've been an interesting character but with how much they cut out of him (Not being able to tell people about your past) I feel he wasn't a necessity to a good play through. However, his death was much more noble than Carley's. He actually saved Ben while Carley just had a bitch fit at Lilly knowing full well she was a mentally unstable woman with a fucking GUN. I only save Carley because I knew ahead of time the benefits.
  • I chose Carley because she's a good shot, and even though Doug's good with computers and stuff, that's not going to do you much good once the electricity goes out.
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