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Which decisions did you regret most?

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Of all the choices I made throughout the game, these were the ones I'm least proud of:

1) Killing Danny
I made a snap decision in the heat of the moment, because just 10seconds ago he had a gun to my face (huge heart attack moment). Also he just seemed the most psycho of the St Johns'.

But Clem saw me do it and that made me feel really guilty because I was trying to be a good role model to her on my playthrough.

2) Letting Ben die
At that moment I was extremely fed up with Ben. He told me to let him go and I took that as an excuse to get rid of that annoying whiny shit. But knowing that and seeing him scream as he breaks his legs and the walkers close in doesn't exactly make me proud of myself.... He's still a kid I let die :(

I was thinking about this because when I was getting Hannibal Lectured by the Stranger I almost felt that I should leave Clem with him because I made such shitty choices. But then I saw him talking to the bowling ball bag and realised this that guy is crazy......

Think it's pretty interesting how the game uses your guilt over past choices to get into your head.
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  • Bringing Lily, having Clem shoot Lee. I don't know why I did it, I just felt Lee didnt deserve to become a walker. He had earnt a respectable death.
  • Killing Danny was heartbreaking. I was feeling all smug and proud of myself, then it cuts to her. I spared the second brother because I felt so guilty.
  • Seriously, killing Danny just felt so great, and then so bad xD
  • I regret going into the woods of Ep2 and ever setting eyes on Ben. I wish TTG gave me some option to maim him so we could escape that doomed group
  • The only things I regret I couldn't have stopped in the first place. I made my decisions and I stand by them. I only wish I could have done more.
  • I regret liking Lilly in the beginning, I just never thought she would kill someone, how wrong I was.
  • Probably letting Ben die as well. I mean in hindsight I think I might've spent a little too much time deciding whether or not to save him because by the time I was going to make a decision it was too late. I didn't like how by not saving him it sort of indirectly showed everyone that what Ben did was actually right which was caring about himself throughout the game prior to that event so I ended up restarting the game to change the outcome.
  • Letting Ben die, even though I didn't do I because I hated him, or wanted revenge for everyone he got killed. I thought that, because Carley died even though I picked her in Episode 1, Ben would die as well. I thought it would be something more immediate, like him slipping out of my grasp, or stumbling back over the side, but more importantly, I didn't want to take too long saving him. With walkers, well, everywhere, I thought that by saving Ben, I would be setting someone else up to take his place since the walkers had nearly surrounded us, and Ben even told me to do it. When I found out that he survived the Episode, I felt so terrible. The first, and only, time I actually considered my Lee a true murderer. I was so close to rewinding and saving him because I felt so bad for the poor kid.

    Then again, when the zombie grabbed him, I aimed at Ben's face instead of the walker's. I remembered what he said about "punching his own ticket", so maybe I WAS subconsciously taking my anger out on him for everything he'd done. In that case, fuck him, I guess.
  • I regret nothing.
  • Leaving Lee as a Walker: At the time I was heartbroken for Clem and really didn't want her to have to kill him, would be to hard on her. My Lee was willing to turn and forever be chained to a heater then have her do that.

    Thinking about it now it's probably harder on her knowing that Lee is still out there, a walker just like her parents. But whats done is done.
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