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Kenny's Best Lines

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Three threads in a day I'm on fire not literally though. So anyway what are your favourite Kenny lines? Here are some of my favourites.

Kenny: Jesus man I'm from Florida crazy sh*t just comes out of my mouth sometimes

Lee: I was on my way to prison 3 months ago
Kenny: No sh*t
Lee: No sh*t
Kenny: It wasn't for touching kids was it?

Kenny: You don't just end it because its hard you stick it out and help the people you care about, so lets get out there and help that little girl

I didn't say any of your favourites did I?
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  • Kenny: "I just smashed a guy's head in with a 50 pound block of salt. You saw me do that, right? And you're talking about who we were? The fuck does that matter? It's everything this mess has got us doing now, man, shit!"

    If i had to pick a favorite, that would be it.
  • There are so many good lines he says it's almost impossible to pick one, if I had to pick I would pick when you tell him about his past in Episode 3, the one about the touching kids.
  • "Might as well hang out a sign that says 'The Men are gone, come and rape our women and children.'"

    *Bro speech*

    "There ain't no way this world lets my son live, when I helped put someone else's in the ground."

    "I don't care if their Make-A-Wish was a goddamn boat ride, I find'em, I'll rip their throats out! They use your goddam sympathy for sick folks, and stab you right in the back!"

    "You're just out for number one...and, uh...number know, yourselves."
  • Lee: Where'd you get the bottle!?

    Kenny: ... I found it!


    Kenny: When I find whoever's ringing those bells, I'll ring their mother fucking bell for 'em.

    Lee: Good one.


    Kenny: I don't care about what he did before!

    Lilly: You know!?

    Kenny: Yeah he told me. I don't give a shit!


    Kenny is too badass for just one favorite line xD
  • Understatement of the century, it really is hard to find a favorite Kenny line as they all were good.
  • Just some of my many favourites:

    (When you find out the boat is gone if you left only Ben to guard it)

    Ben: I'm saying we should ALL chill, not just you!

    Kenny: CHILL? *impersonating Ben* "Hey bandits, CHILL, have some pills!" "Hey Vernon, CHILL, have our fucking BOAT!"

    Kenny: If this asshole thinks he's getting on MY boat, after what HE did, he is out of his MOTHERFUCKING MIND!

    Lee: Kenny, I know you're upset, I understand, but you don't get to make a decision like that on your own. We're all in this together. We're a group.

    Kenny: SURE! Take a vote! This is America, fuck it!

    Lee: Where did you get that bottle?

    Kenny: ...Foooound it! Wanna throw down again like back on the train? Cuz' I fight better when I'm shit-faced!

    Kenny: You've always been there for me, Lee. Always had my back when it mattered. What kind of friend would I be if I wasn't there for you now? Bitten or not, I'm with you to the end. You can count on me.

    Kenny: I found yer' goddamn secret, you son of a bitch! You were BITTEN? Fuck, man! When did you...

    Lee: It happened right before, everything.

    Kenny: Well FUCK. We're in here now, and I'm not going to let you die!

    (While Kenny and Ben keep an eye on the door in Vernon's hideout)

    Kenny: Good thing there's not a hatchet keeping it shut, huh?

    Ben: ...
  • "Nobody else gets eaten today. Especially a good friend."
  • I had never heard half those lines Chrystal, well those lines just made Kenny even better, which I thought is impossible.

  • (While Kenny and Ben keep an eye on the door in Vernon's hideout)

    Kenny: Good thing there's not a hatchet keeping it shut, huh?

    Ben: ...

    I was trying so hard to remember my favorite quote. There it was! :D
  • IMO, all of Kenny's best dialogue can only be accessed by helping him nail Larry in the meat locker. Otherwise, he just acts like a dick for most of the game. :rolleyes:
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