Video Glitch in Back to the future episode 3

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The game randomly crashes and there is a weird video glitch through ep 3-5. Has anyone had these issues?


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    I'm having the same problem.


    In Citizen Brown, when Doc drops Biff off and Marty runs up to Doc's golf cart, the game screen turns white, the sound freezes, and replays the last second over and over and the game crashes.

    Also, randomly through the whole series I get weird video glitches at random spots where the screen gets all black and texturized and most of the time the game crashes if I don't press esc right away and wait a minute for it to correct.


    Does anyone else have these problems or know a patch or fix for this or why it's happening?
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    Same Issue here. Gamebreaking now in E4. Win 7.

    GTX 560, 16 gigs of ram all pushed by a Bulldozer. Zero issues playing anything else.
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