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How long did you expect a character to live part 1 Clem

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Your probably confused by the title but I have decided to do a poll to find out how long you expected a character from episode 1 to live when you first met them and why. Pick from the options above. Lets start with Clem I hope I don't get any hate for this. Also what characters should I do next as the poll will be in a few parts. I'm planning on doing Kenny, Katjaa, Duck, Lilly, Larry, Carley, Doug. Who else do you want me to include? Also do you think the poll options make sense if not what should I change next time?
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  • I kind of guessed that Clementine would live to the end, I thought they wouldn't leave it on a cliffhanger for her though (with the after credits scene). I thought that if there was a Season 2 they would focus on a different group. Honestly I would have preferred that but now everyone needs closure on Clementine.

    I thought that Lee might die in Episode 5 though, I made a post on this forum before Episode 4 was out about how the title No Time Left meant he could be bitten by a zombie or something.
  • I truthfully was right about what would happen in episode 5, except it wasn't Clem it was happening to, but Lee. I thought Clem would be bitten, and you as Lee would have to deal with it and possibly see her turn. I expected her to be the one to die.
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