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Cant download Multi Pack (ERROR)

posted by Benyamin on - last edited - Viewed by 789 users
A week ago i bought multi pack bundle from episode 2-5 that cost $14.99 (maybe) i forget it because its to long wait....... After that purchase nothing happened... The game stil says "coming soon" and i think.. What the ..!!!!!
And this 1 week i wait for the update... Because i think it still need update.. But, i recheck the app in store... That episode 1-5 are available...... And how can this be fix ....

And that in my iphone 5. Now i try to download it on ipad 3. But there are no "restore" and what the hell is going on!!!! Please help me fix this.....
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please try shutting down the game application and then turn off your device. Wait a few minutes for the cache to clear and then restart the device. Make sure you are logged into the account you used to purchase the game, and then re-launch the game. When you do this, you will see a black screen for a few moments. This is normal as an update will need to download. Afterward you should be able to download other episodes from the in-game episodes menu.
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