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Sam and Max 204 won't start for me

posted by Neo Turbo on - last edited - Viewed by 798 users
I've tried both the Gametap version and the one you download from the Telltate site and they both do the same thing. Whenever I launch the game it apparently minimizes. When I click on it in the task bar to open it, it just minimizes again. In short, it doesn't seem to want to launch.

I've deleted and re-installed it too, can anyone give me any help?
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  • I have the same problem, I have had no problems with any of the others. This one crashes on startup and I can't see any work around. When I click the Icon a blank window appears with the Tell Tale logo across the top and then a windows error report message pops up. I have enclosed a picture of it...

  • I only get that error once directly after installing the game. Once that's done the icon/game itself runs fine.

    Please click on 'click here' link and tell us what the actual error report says. You're looking for something like "Faulting application sammax204.exe, version 2008.2.25.6501, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0xZZZZZZ"

    Copy/paste such line in here, helps the support people :)

    You have no problems launching other season2 episodes?
  • And no, I had no problems with any of the other episodes.

    My PC specs

    Dell Inspiron 6000:
    Pentium M 1.86ghz
    1gb Pc4300 DDR2
    Radeon x300 mobility GPU
    intel i915PM motherboard
  • If you go back and try one of the previous episodes now, do they still work?

    As to suggestions, start by updating your DirectX and drivers. (I know that's my answer to everything, but it really does solve the problem 9 times out of 10.)
  • I finally got it working, I had to find an aftermarket executable if u catch my drift. I did pay for the game however so I don't think I did anything wrong. It was the best episode so far too, in my opinion! Keep up the great work guys!
  • oooh, well if that's the case, you likely have some sort program that SecuRom doesn't agree with. Usually Daemon Tools is the culprit, but it can be just about any cd-clone software or debugging tools.

    p.s. You may want to give your computer a thorough virus scan, as those "after market" items usually come from the shadier parts of the web.
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