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  • mmatt;804310 said:
    Hmm... i brought Last of Us, played it, completed.. my impression wasnt too great, i knew straight away what the story was all about and the only thing i was suprised about was joel not dying at the end or anything like that, Only intresting character was bill for me, i found the AI and gameplay very repetative and buggy.. and some of the stuff in that game seemed like the walking dead. So it wasnt new to me, i wont say anything cause of spoilers.. but yeah I enjoyed The Walking Dead alot more then that game. But you really can't compare that game, it's gameplay is obviously better.. but story not so much, i'm not being a fan boy here. I Just didnt like the game as much as i thought i would and i wish there was a PC version to make it look more crisp, PS3 exclusives what can you do. I REALLY REALLY.. hated ellie too, very unintresting character. I'm sorry but totally not likable in my books, i tried to fill the role and feel the emotion but there was no spark for me. On a side note, the online was not fun at all and my save got currupted cause Naughty Dog clearly messed up on that part so everyone lost alot of the hard earned time and saves collecting items and so on.. so i lost the urge to continue with that game. I wasnt motivated anymore on the self it went.
    Thanks for the spoilers.
  • I love both of the games equally. The bond that Lee and Clementine have, as well as Joel and Ellie's bond, are just amazing.

    By the way, I was going through Fanfiction.net again and look at what I just found.
  • lee and clem duh
  • o0HeaDShoT0o;804340 said:
    Hmm, looks interesting actually. I figured it was simply Walking Dead, and I felt it was just a copy of the same story lol. Oops.
  • I do not speak English, okay. TWD is very strong because the end we just broke my heart, death, death, death and the last of us if it was the end, the game was more ambitious, graphics, music, zombie are zombies, characters are characters, the only difference was that we went live. Telltale games knows, afraid of criticism, TWD 400 day why not think I have the strength to win TWDG. TWDG *** Last of Us ** TWD400 *
  • Even if I did have a PS3 (which I don't), I would argue that comparing the two games is stupid. One is a game from the developers of uncharted with comprehensive gameplay and a crafting system while the other is a point and click episodic game made by a much less well known developer team with considerably less recourses.

    Apples and oranges.
  • maybe the last of us graphics is better but twd is the best.
  • The Last of Us is one of the best games ever, yeah TWD is good but you can't compare them.

    It's like comparing a Bow wich used to be the best gun out there with a snipe rifle. Inb4 any comment about this, yes you can retrieve your arrows, but you can use the sniper as a spear(bayonet) or as a mace(butt).
  • fabi777;806227 said:
    maybe the last of us graphics is better but twd is the best.
    Did you even play the game?? I love TWD because i love the comic more but still The last of us has no match.. until The last of us 2 lol
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