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  • As a game last of us is objectively better, but as a story it is hard to say. In my honets opinion they are very equal in how good their stories are. However I was more conected to the characters in TWD which in the end is the main hope of story telling a powerfull conection to the characters. So TWD I guess, but prefer last of us's gameplay.
  • Storyline -The Last of Us.
    Gameplay -TWD.
    Atmosphere- The Last of Us.
    Main Character - The Last of Us (maybe because I never loved Lee, but anyway, I guess Joel are more better.)
    Second main character - The Last of Us (I love Clem, but I can't deny that I love Ellie MUCH more! She went through more pain than Clem, she never knew another world.)
    The secondary characters - TWD (out of competition)
    Ending - The Last of Us.
    Dialogs - TWD. ( But The Last of Us got a more emotional powerful dialogs than TWD, TWD just got more dialogs)
    Music - The Last of Us. (Amazing! Just listen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr0FAbRR62g, and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCcR9gOyzkc)
    Touching - The Last of Us. (This game touched my feelings more than TWD, I didn't played The Last of Us, I watched full walkthrough, nevertheless this story touched me more)

    Total: The Last of Us.
    You may calling me a traitor... but I write what I feel, I can't nothing to do with my feelings. My heart told me to make this decision.
    Anyway сompare these games a bit not right.
  • The gameplay and visuals were better in TLoU but what matters most to me, is the story. So TWD wins because it carries a bit more weight, imo.
  • The ending of TLoU was incredible bad IMO. :/

    Storyline - Tie (The ending of The Last of Us brought the game down)
    Gameplay - TWD.
    Atmosphere - The Last of Us.
    Main Character - The Walking Dead
    Second main character - The Walking Dead
    The secondary characters - TWD
    Ending - The Walking Dead
    Dialogs - TWD.
    Music - The Last of Us.
    Touching - The Walking Dead

    Total: The Walking Dead
  • Davisx3m;806295 said:

    (The ending of The Last of Us brought the game down)
    Maybe you don't understand what is the essence of this ending. I don't want a spoiling, then let's just leave this.
  • I just beat The Last of Us recently and, eh... Game was fantastic, graphic and gameplay was radical but I didn't like the story. It was kind of lame. It was essentially a big road trip... There's some really awesome characters in their though, loved Marlene, Joel, and Tess. Ellie was alright too. The Walking Dead has way better characters though and the story was much better. Overall I give it to The Walking Dead.

    Plot: The Walking Dead (TWD)
    Characters: TWD
    Gameplay: The Last of Us (TLOU)
    Atmosphere: TLOU
    Monsters: TLOU
    Lee vs. Joel: Lee
    Clementine vs. Ellie: Clementine
    Graphics: TLOU
    Emotionally: TWD
    Soundtrack: Tie
    Dialogue: Tie

    Overall: TWD
  • Ok, I'm back forget what I said in my post a while ago. The Last of Us is a great game, I don't even know why I thought it was boring, it's not its amazing! I like Joel's character, I like Ellie's character, I like the story behind the infection which I'm not going to mention because of spoilers. The graphics are epic, the characters faces are so realistic and show emotions like there real people. The story is great, I love it I don't know how I've turned from someone who found the game boring to a fan of it and I haven't even played it!.... Yet, I'll find a way to get my hands on it. But still I will always love The Walking Dead and it is still the best of the two in my opinion. I might change my mind. I have learnt my lesson never judge a book... I mean game by its cover.
  • marioluigi344;806546 said:
    TLOU was a boring piece of shit Triple A game that used misleading advertising and was obviously inspired by the masterpiece that is TWD.
    Have you even played it, so you could call it boring? It wouldn't be surprising if you said "no, but..."

    As I said in another thread already, it was not inspired by TWD... How long is TWD out? How long was TLoU in development? (Let alone in planning?)
    The only obvious thing here is, that you didn't do any research, nor reconsidered what you were writing before claiming things.

    Talking about claims, please go ahead elaborate why the advertising was misleading instead of just saying it was.

    There is only one thing in your flawed accusations, that I'm going to agree to, and that is TWD being a masterpiece.
  • marioluigi344;806578 said:
    I've played it before, yes. My friend told me to get it, (although I wasn't mad about the idea, he said it was amazing, so I did)
    The advertising mislead my by a long shot because it makes the girl look like a young defenseless character that you need to take care of, (similar to TWD) but instead they make her seem *badass* which is stupid and obviously just plays the typical "girls can do anything guys can" model seen in every type of media nowadays, which prevented any development between the two characters, (Ellie and Joel) and prevented the player (me) from caring about either one of them.

    There is one contradiction in there, you say she was a badass, but that wasn't from the get-go, if you payed attention, it was a facade, she tried to man up, knowing that screaming around wouldn't help, then later on she became more and more "badass", that's character development right there.
    Joel developed over time too, but I don't want to go into detail there, as that'd be a bit too spoilery.

    Well okay, the gameplay got repetitive after a while, I can't deny that there, but the environments were different each time, the ideas they had for each level, again I can't go into detail, because people might read it by accident and get spoiled.

    Okay, I see you got your opinion on things.
  • marioluigi344;806596 said:
    Okay, so now that you understand my point of view, can you please explain why so many people think that this game is amazing? No really, not trying to be an ass but I honestly don't understand it.
    I can try to show you my point of view.

    First thing I noticed were the insane, well for console standards insane graphics along with gorgeous face animations, smooth framerate and top notch voice acting, but those are first impressions, and they've quite proven to be true throughout the whole game.

    [SPOILER] Second thing is the rather complicated relationship between our two main characters, they sort of like each other, while they try to keep a healthy distance, in case they lose each other. At first Joel considers Ellie to be just another delivery, but gets close to her in a way, where he is so afraid of losing her, that he tries to stay emotionally cold and distanced. It's really interesting, in my opinion at least.

    And behind the character of Ellie, there's more too, than meets the eye at first. Of course, the first impression is, that she tries to be badass, and swears like a sailor, but just look closely in her face when she does that, and consider the circumstances she's in, she only does that when she's really scared or afraid. [/SPOILER]

    The levels, in my opinion look authentic, and yet they are very interesting, and sometimes even quite astonishing like the last level, if you played it you'll know what I mean.

    Gameplay works, quite repetitive, but I at least don't mind that, I'm playing for the story and the survival, and at least that works for me.

    It sure has its flaws, can't deny that, but it really isn't "a piece of shit." It's just very slow paced, atmospheric and the fights are meant to be a pain in the ass, rather than fun, because the apocalypse just isn't fun. Well again: That is my opinion, not the absolute truth :D
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