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  • I think the Last of Us just wins out although it's hard to compare. i thought the Last Of Us is a lot darker than the Walking Dead season 1 though and does a better job of portraying how humanity would return to a more feral wild state.
  • Storyline - Tie
    Gameplay - The Last Of US
    Atmosphere - The Walking Dead
    Main Character - The Walking Dead
    Second main character - The Last Of Us
    The secondary characters - The Walking Dead
    Ending - The Walking Dead
    Dialogs - The Walking Dead
    Music - The Last Of Us
    Touching - The Walking Dead

    Winner: The Walking Dead
  • Imho you can't really compare Ellie to Clementine other than the fact you try to protect both and both are still childs/juvenlines. Character wise, they couldn't be more different. Clementine is a super innocent, pure "angel". Doesn't swear (only once during all 5 episodes and only if you teached her), doesn't ever go hostile, always judges you for aggresive behaviour. Ellie is a full on 180 here, she was brought up in the apocalypse, swears A TON, has no problem stabbing, killing and shooting people, is extremely mature and a lot less innocent. Both are great characters in their own way.
  • I am a little late here but this is what I have to say

    Storyline - I have to go with the Walking Dead, it seems more unique in the zombie genre.
    Gameplay - I will have to hp with TLOU, I mean this is my first point and click and I had a blast but I do like TPS gameplay more, only because I have played more of them then point and clicks, the gameplay was still great with TWD.
    Atmosphere - The Walking Dead, I have never freaked out over a game choice ever, not even jumpscares got my heat pumping as much as when I crushed Larry's head and stopped him from coming back.
    Main Character - The way you could shape Lee into what you want was a great idea, Dave Fannoy is second to none when it comes to voice action.
    Second main character - Clementine was my first Clementine level character, a term I use to describe someone so great you will give your life for, and I only have enough room for two that last spot was taken by Bioshock Infinite, so sorry Ellie.
    The secondary characters - I do not even no the secondary characters names in TLOU, The Walking Dead wins by a landslide, they were as good as the main characters in many cases, Kenny for the love of god I think was a main character and Carley was so great, I really do not even need to much more.
    Ending - The ending of the TLOU is okay but it's more of a cliffhanger then the Walking Dead, and I was not on the floor with so many tears I could not see, because that was Walking Dead, if you ever played the last Episode then enough said.
    Dialogs - There is so much Dialog that even after a whole year and dozens of playthrough I still find new dialog, it speaks for it's self.
    Music - I think the music in TLOU was one of the better parts in my opinion, but for some reason just hearing the soundtrack for The Walking Dead just makes me understand why I love it so much, thank god for Jared Emerson Johnson, the violin and cello are used just so well.
    Touching - The Walking Dead, do I really need to say why, at three different moments tears went down my face, and the amount of said tear only went up as I went through the harrowing last hours of Lee's life.

    Winner: The Walking Dead, it was my favorite game of 2012, it a year full of games like Mass Effect 3 with the ending being the most well known part, and average games like Assassins Creed 3, I bought this game in April only because I liked the show, I walked in expecting it to suck since I hated cell shaded graphics at the time, and walked out in November shaken dazed and sadden like I never had been before, knowing full well this was not just the best game in a year full of average to good games, but one of my favorite games of all time, I will remember this game even when the 360 and PS3 are as old as the NES and Sega Masters, it is simply unforgettable in all the right ways, thank you so much Telltale for making this game, you went from nobody to being my Valve, thanks.
  • Too different to compare.
  • TLOU wins hands down for me. The characters go on a far longer journey so there is far more character development. Joel starts the game not liking Ellie, seeing her as a liability, wanting to get her off his hands as soon as possible. You can hear it in his voice. He doesn't care how he makes her feel at the begining but near the end of the game he loves her like a daughter and refuses to let anyone or anything come between them, including death. The characters spend nearly a year with each other and it shows. That to me is powerful.

    What I loved about the game was that it made me feel like I was actually there fighting for survival. I found myself making my shots count and searching for supplies. At times I felt paralysed with fear and didn't want to move when I was in the dark and could hear infected nearby until I learned how to deal with those pesky "clickers"

    TLOU was very sad and made me nearly tearful at many times in the game. I found the game unpredicatable and full of surprises. It had the best graphics and voice acting I have experienced in a video game and i'm gonna call it right now even if it makes me unpopular with the masses by saying that TLOU is closer to the Kirkman walking dead comics than the walking dead game was because it doesn't pull any punches. Everything that is explored in Kirkman's comic is explored in the game. You see canibalism, characters will actually attack Ellie brutally and at one point a character tries to "groom" young Ellie for sex, touching on the theme of pedophilia and rape which most people are affraid to touch on in games even in apocalyptic settings. Ellie will get beaten to a pulp like Carl does in the comics where as Clemetine never comes to any harm in the game apart from when she hurts her finger pulling the desk in the pharmacy office. (something I had problems accepting when she was kidnapped and held against her will. She should at least have had some marks or signs of struggle)

    There were many parts in TLOU that reminded me of TWD comics, I am legend and The Road movie. I was reminded of when Carl takes care of Rick after the prison story arc and has to lead the hostiles away from where Rick was recovering, I was reminded of when Carl saw the deer in tv show (giraffe scene) and the part when the bandits attacked carl in the comics and I definitely felt more affraid of the humans in the game than I did the infected in the way that Rick's people gradually feel less concerned about the dead than they do the living. Walking through the abandoned highway definitely had a walking dead feel to it, looting cars for supplies etc.

    Until I played TLOU I never really had a favourite game. I had favourite games since I couldn't pick one from the others in my favourite list but for me, TLOU will be a hard game to beat and I can see it being my favourite game for a long time to come.
  • Storyline - Tie - they are both great
    Gameplay - The Last Of Us is fun. Point and clicks aren't bad but I had a blast with The Last of Us
    Atmosphere - The Last of Us is scary. But at the same time it's beautiful.
    Main Character - The Walking Dead - Lee is a bit more interesting because he was never a dad and he is a convict
    Second main character - Tie - you can't even compare them IMO
    The secondary characters - The Walking Dead
    Ending - The Walking Dead
    Dialogs - The Last of Us - The Walking Dead had some great lines but The Last of Us had enough humor and quotes to keep you happy and not too depressed
    Music - The Last Of Us - absolutely beautiful
    Touching - Tie - these both have touching and positive messages. Redemption, The meaning of Family, friendship, moral.
    Experience - The Walking Dead
    Winner: The Last of Us

    The Walking Dead still holds a special place in my heart but The Last of Us is simply brilliant
    I will say though, nothing can replace the feelings I felt with The Walking Dead.
  • I am wondering, if the Last Of Us beats Walking Dead then can you do the same format for Bioshock Infinite TT?
  • marioluigi344;806596 said:
    Okay, so now that you understand my point of view, can you please explain why so many people think that this game is amazing? No really, not trying to be an ass but I honestly don't understand it.
    I don't think anyone can explain why any game is amazing since it will always be subjective. You may not appreciate the things they do that is why there are different types of games so there is something for everyone. My brother is a big fan of racing games and fighting games whereas I prefer the cinematic and narrative driven games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain and TLOU. I can't explain to him why the game is the best game ever made I can only say what I like about it. He may not understand my love for the game. I don't understand the love people have for Halo and bioshock and I never will, but then i'm not a fan of fps. I simply say to each his own but most professionals in game development and reviewing will agree that Naughty Dog have produced their greatest work and have taken things to a next level in gaming and I wouldn't be surprised if TLOU won multiple awards at the next spike VGA event. I can see Ashley getting best female voice, Troy getting best male voice, TLOU getting best story, best graphics and game of the year and decade if that award is given annually. Considering TLOU is up against bigger games than TWD was last year that would be some achievement if my predictions come to pass. I mean TLOU will be up against GTA5. Those Rockstar games like GTA and Red dead always win. Then there is Bioshock infinite, Tomb Raider and Beyond two souls which will have the voice talents of Ellen Paige and William Defoe who are both good actors. I'm still confident that TLOU will take it though but we'll just have to wait and see.
  • As much as I love "The last of us" for its gameplay and story, It wasn't as emotionally engaging and heartfelt as I thought it was going to be... Which leads me to say that I still believe the walking dead game is better even though the last of us has far superior gameplay...
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