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  • I am wondering, if the Last Of Us beats Walking Dead then can you do the same format for Bioshock Infinite TT?

    Bioshock Infinite is too different from Walking Dead to compare.

    But then again, So is The Last of Us
  • Though I haven't played TLoU, I have seen videos.

    Storyline: Last of Us
    Atmosphere: Last of Us
    Gameplay: Last of Us
    Main Character: Walking Dead
    Second Main Character: Last of Us
    Ending: Walking Dead
    Dialogue: Walking Dead
    Music: Walking Dead
    Touching: Walking Dead
    Experience: Can't say, so tie.

    Walking Dead wins, barely.

    (Or as I should say, bareLee)
  • Alright, who revived this thread? :p

    Eh, whatever. I'll give my own two cents as well. I'll set up things like TTaing987 did.

    Story- The Walking Dead easily wins. The Last of Us was a game built with story, while TWD's gameplay was short in order to set up a better story. TWD excels as a story based game.
    Gameplay- The Last of Us. It had gameplay based on third-person shooter. Nothing new, but it was infinitely better than TWD, which wasn't even a traditional adventure game.
    Level designs/Atmosphere- The Last of Us. It worked very hard in order to keep the bleak and dark atmosphere. Each level was vastly different in how it was set up.
    Main character- Both main characters have had a dark past and develop throughout the course of the story. Of course, I was Lee. For that reason, The Walking Dead wins.
    Secondary character- The Walking Dead. I felt like Clementine was put entirely in my care. While Ellie was interesting and funnier than Clem, Ellie knew how to protect herself with her mom's switchblade from the start of the game. Clem was defenseless, which attributed to me liking her more. Besides, she's the most adorable video game character I have ever seen.
    Ending- Season 1 of TWD ended in such a great way I consider the game of one my favorites. The Last of Us ended in a way for the player to make their own interpretation. While interesting, I liked TWD's ending.
    Sequel- To be clear, I never wanted a sequel/follow up to TWD. I still don't. It ended in such a great way that the player can decide who the two characters on the hill really are. I desperately want a sequel for The Last of Us. Many thought it was a perfect ending, but I only see segway for a sequel.
    Dialouges- The Last of Us. One of the big reasons I liked this was because of the random little conversations that characters say both in combat and non-combat situations.
    Music- Of course, this category is entirely up to my personal tastes. I find myself listening to TWD tracks more than a few songs in The Last of Us.
    Touching- I cried a few times in TWD. While I never did in The Last of Us, I felt more emotional moments than in TWD. Tie.
    Replay value- To be honest, I have not replayed season 1 for quite a while now. After different choices and dialouge options, there's not much reason to replay TWD. I've been replaying The Last of Us, and it never gets old.
    Length/Pacing- The Last of Us had a perfect length. I largely had a problem with episode 5 of TWD. Everything just sped up in pacing. The Last of Us wins.

    It seems like I like The Last of Us better. But as an experience, I will never forget TWD season 1.
  • Zeruis wrote: »
    Eh, whatever. I'll give my own two cents as well. I'll set up things like TTaing987 did.

    Hooray I was mentioned!
    ~closest thing to me being popular~
  • I like to self examine myself from time to time. It keeps me humble. I noticed I seem to be in the minority of people that consider TLOU a better game than TWD so I was left wondering is it me? I checked around on various walking dead vs TLOU sites/forums insearch of impartiality since my posts were on a Telltale forum and as expected the majority of the posts on the other forums believed TLOU to be the better game and outlined similar reasons to the ones I gave on this thread.N4G which is another forum I checked out since it is neither a sony,naughty dog games or teltale games forum added some perspective now i'm left wondering how many posts here are biased through fan boyism. I mean the posters on the other sites also love TWD game as I do but they are not fanboys so they will still prefer other games to it and give reasons why. I don't mean the term fanboy as an insult but as a means of defining one that sees the game like a first love and puts it on a pedal stool even when it is surpassed in ways by another game in it's genre. For many years I felt that way about Shenmue but many years on I have played games that I now consider better but I would say that Shenmue was the greatest for it's time.
  • Why is this even being compared? These are two completely different games in aspects of gameplay and story.
  • *shrugs*

    TLOU is an excellent game. I have next to no criticisms of it.

    It just didn't emotionally engage and 'wreck' me like TWD did, but then precious few things ever have.
  • Okay so i havent played TLOU yet, So i honestly cant judge it. But i can say that there is a huugggeee diffrence between the games. The publishers TellTale and Naughty Dog both make different kinds of games Naughty dog makes action games and TellTale makes point-and click adventures with a HEAVY focus on story. From that i receive that Naughty Dog isnt as experinced as TellTale in telling a gripping Narrative. Like i said i cant judge entirely but this is what i think.
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