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  • kinda silly to ask this in the wallking dead forum, don't you think?
  • I can confidently say that these two were the best games I've played this year. Which one is the better one? Well that's extremely tough to decide. Both have their ups and downs for me.

    When it comes to the main character pair, I have to give it to the Last of Us. I absolutely loved Joel's portrayal by Troy Baker and not even Dave Fennoy's Lee was able to outshine it. And while I loved Clementine, Ellie was a deeper character and (to me) even more likable. That might have to do with her being 6 years older, so it's not really a fair competition.

    However, the Walking Dead crushes the Last of Us when it comes to side characters. WD made me bond with the characters on a personal level. In TLoU the characters, while well written and voice acted, are still just background and I didn't care about a single one. So that brings it to a tie.

    In terms of mechanics, the Last of Us wins from a technical perspective hands down- the graphics are absolutely amazing and the gameplay is a great mix between interactivity and cinematicness (is that even a word?). However, WD offered us interactive (to a point) story, so it felt personal, while TLoU is completely linear, so, despite being the game with more actual gameplay, it feels more like watching a movie, with little control over what happens on the screen. So that, again, brings me to a tie.

    As for the rest of stuff- the voice acting, the sound, the music, the atmosphere- are brilliant in both games and it's only a matter of preference. Myself I prefer the quasi-realistic setting of TLoU and the fungus infected only a liiiitle more over the walking corpses. But TWD nails its particular niche very well also, so it would be unfair to give TLoU a point based only on my taste. Which brings me to a final result...

    A solid TIE.
  • What the hell is the last of us?
  • It doesn't have Nate in it, it sucks. Don't worry your head about it, mate.
  • It doesn't have Nate in it, it sucks. Don't worry your head about it, mate.

    Thanks, amigo
  • He hates Kenny check his posts .
    Also , Carley death was sad too Ok ? No need to compare their deaths . Her death was sad because She and Doug were the only people who always trusted Lee and helped him .

    I will agree that Duck beat that one scene in Last Of Us, but I will say that Carley was sad, not in the way it happened, but to who it did happen to.
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