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'Eff It Moments?

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I was somewhat disappointed at how the last quarter of Episode 3 was handled; where you are introduced to Omid & Christa. Doug (the comic relief) had just died, and Lily (the well-intentioned bitch; in my own personal opinion) had been left behind - these two new characters came off as replacements to me.

I didn't like them much throughout Episode Four.

But when I played Episode Five on the night of release and got to the part where you hold back the horde on the mansion landing after cocking your guns, I just seemed to let my hate go - Eff it.

They had only known Lee for just more than a day, and yet they had his back.

In hindsight, I can't believe how prejudiced I was.

Same thing with Chuck in 4 - When I first met him, I thought he was a paedophile, but he turned out to be a Drifter with a heart of gold.

Anyone else had a similar experience in regard to these unique characters?
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