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How many times did you die?

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I know I did a thread on Lee's uncannon deaths before but that was when I was new to the forums when I didn't know how to make a poll. I hope you don't mind. Anyway choose from the options above. I died once in the bell tower when trying to free my leg. This is for your first playthrough. Leave your opinions below.
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  • Only died 3-4 times at St. Diary when Brenda threat with gun
  • Died from Brenda, died when leg got stuck in stairs, died from the band teacher when he turned, and died from a walker at the motel episode 1 because I had no idea where to go and I was seen. I didn't do too bad, and most of them involved lack of instruction.
  • I got myself killed a lot to see what kind of death you would have :P
  • Can't remember, 3-4 I guess.
  • I got killed by that cop at the very beginning of Episode 1, when you have to grab the gun from Danny in Episode 2, during the bandit raid in Episode 3, at the train station in Episode 3, and when you have to free your leg while simultaneously shooting zombies in Episode 4. I didn't die in Episode 5 at all...

    Except, you know, for that ending.
  • I died a massive number of times because of exactly one part, and that's where you have to grab Molly's arm when jumping across the rooftops. I just couldn't do it!
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