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If Clementine is in Season 2...

posted by sardines on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users would you like it to be handled, honestly?

For example, my own hoped for scenario - perhaps Clementine is a more independent character in the new game, a new member of the season's group (two members of which found her from the hill scene) who helps defend against walkers but does not form the same parent-child bond with the PC as before (so as not to make her bond with Lee seem not special.) You can befriend her, but more like Lilly or Ben did than like Lee did. She is shaped by your previous actions, either acting aloof towards the others (if you told her not to trust them) or being kind to them. But she shoots walkers just as well as other group members, leading the group to respect her and treat her like an adult.

Then in one scene, your character could find one of Clem's drawings. Maybe it could be a picture of Lee and her, or Lee handcuffed in the jewelry store, or Lee, Kenny, Christa, and Omid. Either way, it'd be a subtle reference without all-out continuation of the previous game. And maybe eventually we could run into Christa/Omid, Molly, Lilly, etc (maybe even Kenny, if he's alive) and the whole Lee situation could come up and be explained.

Eh, I guess this is kind of a lame topic for discussion, but I wondered.
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  • I have a feeling she'll be a cameo at best. Season 1 ended with all the good characters aside from Clem dead, Christa was abrasive and Omid was weak. Clementine was an incredible character but it would strain credibility to suddenly have her acting adult. The only way to maintain her established character would be to recreate the Lee/Clem relationship with someone else, and that would be a crime.

    The epilogue showed Clem survived and made it out of the city, it shows her embarking on a new adventure away from everything. I hope they give a new and interesting bunch of characters a go. It would also be strange to play as any established character, as they have their own personality already and you know how they react to things. Lee was a vessel for the player, his personality was what the player made it.
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    As a member of the new group . able to defend herself
  • A minor character. Season 1 was the story of her and Lee, Season 2 should belong to someone else.
  • Seriously i want to delete my vote, i voted wrong, i want her to be a minor character or maybe mentioned but i dont hate her.
  • TeamKennyAlways;804588 said:
    I know most people don't want Clem to be the protagonist but I do. Not 20 years in the future or something, the same age as in season 1. You hardly ever get to play a zombie game as a child it would be a new experience. I vote protagonist.
    It would be interesting,but one problem is the choice making,how would they make you be able to make serious adult choices,when you are 9 years old,no-one would listen to you.

    P.S. I just realised you changed your opinion on the matter,sir,but my statement still stands,I feel that for anyone who want Clementine to be the protagonist at the age she is now,should take this into consideration.
  • Inferuz;805158 said:
    Awwww man i voted wrong :/ i wanted the minor character thing and clicked on the last :(

    Anyway, i want her to appear but not as a main protagonist. More like a Carley or a Mack, they help you, you talk to them, they are cool. But they don't get to involved in the game.

    She is the main protagonist tough, so she will most likely be one of the most importants.
    I voted wrong, too. I wanted to vote "As a member of the group, able to defend herself" because, to me, that's where Lee's advice to her would shine. But instead, I accidentally clicked "The same way as Season 1, you take care of her like Lee did". Oops.
  • I think Clem has to be in season 2 and beyond. Ok Ok I know some people want her gone and season 2 be a fresh start. But if that happens what the point in making choices that carry over? The main people in season 1 were Lee and her.... Lee's gone so Clem carries the story and can grow to be like Molly a strong woman who can lead a group in say season 5 :D Cause if Telltale wants to keep putting out TWD it should be told from the eyes of one of the mains and not change people every season. I know alot of people are like me and grow to care about the people you are trying to survive with Carley was a big lost in season one but most of us lived through the lost of a hot chick who was a dead eye with a gun, and then Lee. If season 2 is all new people I don't think I'll play because I don't want the story to end I don't want Clem , Omid and Christa story to go untold
  • Bold is the new caps lock.

    Personally, I want a cameo. If that. Lee and Clem's story already had a fantastic ending, I don't need any more than that.
  • CaveRave;804617 said:
    I want her to be a legend among survivors, like you hear tales of a girl doing incredbily things...and the nature of the things (Killing bandits, doing medicine, lone wanderer or group explorer) is determined by your actions in season 1.

    That, or as a minor character for a couple of episodes (similar to Molly).
    I actually like both of these ideas, especially the first one. I would eventually like to see Clementine again, but preferably in (let's hope) Season 3, as an older character. I think we need a break from her. The relationship between Clementine and Lee in Season 1 was incredibly powerful. It would feel cheap to revisit Clementine so soon.
  • It would be cool that she can defend herself but also learn from a new character that takes Lees place.
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