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I know many will disagree but I found MI1 better than MI2

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Often I hear Monkey Island 2 being lauded as the best Monkey Island game. It's a wonderful game. I really enjoy it. But I also think it's overrated. Without talking about the other MI games that I love, there is something about Secret of Monkey Island that I find so much more intriguing. First off, the humor of MI1 makes me laugh more. There isn't as much humor in MI1 as there is in MI2. In far, the humor of MI2, it could be argued, is even more outlandish. Yet, I overall didn't find it as funny as the humor in the first one. I found the first chapter in the the first one more enjoyable as well. Making a voodoo doll in the second one is okay, but there is something so much more enjoyable about insult sword fighting, looting from a mansion, and finding buried treasure in MI1. These are just a couple of reasons. What do you all think?
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I really liked them both, and I rate them evenly. However, if I had to pick between the two, I'd pick the second. There's a lot more music, which fills the atmosphere well. This is the first game that used iMuse, and it really shines. The smooth transition of music between scenes was really special, and made the game feel more organic. There's more locations as well, so there's no real sections of lull like the first game. I loved The Secret of Monkey Island, but the section on Monkey Island felt like it dragged on because there were tons of puzzles, but not a lot to see on the island.
  • I also prefer Secret to Revenge, but for me its more nostalgia than anything: My younger siblings and I sort of accidently skipped Revenge and didn't get it until after Curse, and at that point we were a bit burned out on Monkey Island and never finished it. We also liked putting Secret's CD in the CD player to play the music and dance along to it. I have tons of good memories of Secret and almost none with Revenge, so you can feel free to call my preference totally irrational if it pleases you. :p

    (Of course, they are in the end both fantastic games. No one can argue they aren't.)
  • I think it's completely based on our taste. I remember the first thought I had, when I saw the covers from the Special Editions (I wasn't even born when the Classic Editions went out, and I wasn't interested until two years ago). When I saw the cover from Secret, I thought, "Cool, Monkey Island from scratch. Let's see...", but when I saw the cover from Revenge (after playing Secret), I thought, "Oh! Guybrush has a stubble! And LeChuck s torturing him! Yeah!". I was so looking forward to play it. So I think that the fact that I loved Revenge's cover influenced me to love the whole game as well. But I can't say that I didn't like Secret. It's cool, and it's the original.
    And to AdventureGamer's defence, I believe that Revenge was HUGE. I loved it, but it was too big and more difficult that Secret :-P

    P.S. Don't think that I'm sadistic...I just thought that I could...when I...oh, too late, eh?
    We also liked putting Secret's CD in the CD player to play the music and dance along to it.
    Really? Did it work that way? :D I didn't know it could!
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    Jennifer Moderator
    lyan-14 wrote: »
    Really? Did it work that way? :D I didn't know it could!
    Yep, I also used to listen to the CD (in my car's CD player) all the time. The PC CD-ROM version of the game originally played it's tracks straight from the CD, in the standard CD digital audio format.

    Monkey Island 1 and the PC CD-ROM version of Loom were the only LucasArts games to behave that way (outside of obscure versions like the FM-Towns version of Zak McKracken). On a side note, the Sam & Max: Hit the Road CD-ROM has standard CDDA audio tracks on it too, but the game doesn't use them (they were included simply as a bonus for people who wanted to listen to the tracks on their CD players :)).
  • Return To Zork (I know, not Lucas) also played its tracks directly from CD. Back then, there were a lot of computers that couldn't handle both high-quality animation and high-quality sound at the same time, so putting the soundtrack on the CD helped keep a little of the load off the CPU.
  • My favorite Monkey Island game is definitely Tales of Monkey Island. However, MI1 will always have a special place in my heart as I will always remember the countless, sleepless nights I spent as a child trying to become a pirate. With that said, between MI1 and MI2, I still have to choose MI2.
  • As a game, I find MI2 to be the best (it's my personal favourite of all the adventure games I've played). However, I find MI1 lighter and easier to approach, so I understand what you mean when you say you prefer it due to the humour.
  • MI2's more logical and well-polished, i think + have some great scenes.
  • They're both great games. But I have to say, I think MI2 did everything better. It made it all bigger. Funnier (to me).
  • I liked Monkey 2 better as it had better graphics, (not that this is everything of course) more islands and was therefore a bigger game and was more of a challenge in general. Having said that I absoolutely loved the original Monkey as well and still do.
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