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Your best encounter in the The last of us

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For me it had to be the first time i played the hotel lobby,it was so awesome, i was down to 2 guys left and one had grabbed me from behind and one was punching me, Ellie throws a brick at the guy punching me and then stabs the guy holding me, i punch out the guy who got hit with a brick and then pull out a revolver with ONE BULLET left and off him in the head, ellie says aftwerwards " I totaly nailed that guy ".........
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  • please go away.
    The Last of Us is boring and repetitive. It doesn't know how to handle it's own difficult topics and just fades to black too many times after one happens.
    The AI is brain dead on both sides and the best parts of the game happen when MacGuffin Girl and Grandpa Dad are on their own.
    I hate the heavy breathing of Grandpa Dad, that Macuffin Girl is constantly shocked by exploding zombies even 20 hours into the game and I really hate the ending which I will not spoil here.
  • Getting to the sniper was pretty intense. Couldn't wait to kill that guy.
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