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400 Days (Season One DLC) review / discussion thread - SO MANY SPOILERS

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Hey guys, thanks for playing The Walking Dead: 400 Days! This thread is dedicated to all your spoilery review / general discussion goodness. Have at!

No need to tag spoilers here, the whole thread will be full of 'em. Looking for the spoiler-free thread? It's here.
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  • I wrote this ages ago on my FB account, but I thought if anyone DID wanna have a read of it, why not post it here. It also says like "far left" for pictures there, but I won't bother putting pictures on here :

    GAME REVIEW : The Walking Dead : 400 DAYS

    Now TWD 400 Days is an odd review, because it's actually an add-on DLC for the original game, The Walking Dead, which may I remind you, got 90 GOTY (Game Of The Year) awards! And I don't usually review Downloadable Content for games since they're additions, and are not in the full game, but since this game is actually in my top three games of all time, and the DLC has gotten so much hype, I thought I'd give it a shot.

    The Walking Dead : 400 DAYS takes place over.. well.. 400 days, and gives you different characters to play with, at different times in the apocalyptic world. These five different characters are Vince (Far Left), Wyatt (Second from the left), Shel (Middle), Russell (Second from the right) and Bonnie (Far Right). They all have their own ways of dealing with the apocalypse. Some people like to keep zombies as watchdogs, while some start to use them to mess around with. Some stick with groups, while others plan to walk the road alone. But all these people have their own stories that all connect up one way or another. The great thing about 400 Days is that you can play these mini chapters in any order you want. Want to start from Day 264, then Day 2, then Day 116? Go straight ahead. It gives you a little bit of freedom of how you do things, and I find that quite nice.

    Now, all these mini chapters are about 20 minutes long, added together makes about an hour, and the little ending scene for them all is about 10 minutes, so it's a little bit shorter than an average episode, but at only £4, it's a pretty good deal. Oh, but uh, don't do what I did. Apparently you get the DLC for free if you already had the game, and I still bought it. I'm a bit of a goof. So the fact that you get it for free if you already had the game, is a great way to reward your customers

    But of course, the biggest part about the original story-line of The Walking Dead, was making the decisions as Lee. Deciding who your character wanted to be, the shy, not very talkative Lee, the all out shooting and yelling Lee, or the fair and trusty Lee, was the greatest thing about The Walking Dead for me, aside from the story. In 400 Days, of course you do make some hard decisions, but these decisions don't seem to affect you as much as you want them to, until it comes to the very end, which if you HAVE played The Walking Dead, plays out a bit like the end of Episode 4, deciding who joins a "certain" person or not, who I wont reveal. Could getting more people to come along help you? Or will it give them certain doom? Who knows, wait for Season 2!

    Now I'd PERSONALLY have to say that the most entertaining one for me came from Vince. He's shot a man who's "apparently" hurt his little brother (I also love the mystery that we never find out if the man he shot was actually the one who hurt his brother or not), and get's caught and put in a prison bus. I'm not gonna spoil it, but there's a decision at the end that could help OR make it worse for you in season two. I guess we'll find out.

    Also, little random not here, to fans of the game, you'll know two people called Kenny and Duck, I just have to say, seeing Kenny and Duck at the gas station towards the beginning was a GREAT touch!

    I'd also have to personally say that the most boring one for me, not in a "boring" way, but the least entertaining for me has to be Wyatt's story. The concept of it seems really interesting, but it's executed very poorly. For ME at least. It just gets boring when there's not much to look at around this chapter, as it's based in a car, and the story of it isn't very fun. This is also the case (for me) with Bonnie's chapter. There are definitely a FEW interesting moments, especially the end, but the rest of it for me seemed a bit prolonged and not great to watch and play.

    Now I know this review may seem a bit short, but it's a DLC what can ya do.

    So, in conclusion, the story of most of them are interesting and fine, but some can be a bit boring to watch and play. The dialogue is still great, and the decision making is still there, but some of the decisions don't really matter. In the end if you want about 3 out of 5 of the people to come with you, you have to say one sentence at the end. One sentence!

    Now this may be a bit biased because it's The Walking Dead, but I give The Walking Dead : 400 DAYS, Downloadable Content a....


    All that needs to be done is more important decisions and slightly more interesting character PLOTS, not characters, but PLOTS.

    Thanks if you read this entire review, I really tried to make it as good as I can. Thanks again, and any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Good review, I would give it a 9 but good review, I respect your opinion.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;824621 said:
    Good review, I would give it a 9 but good review, I respect your opinion.
    Considering that when I usually review DLC's, as they're just mini parts of the game, I usually give them 6's and 7's. If there is a DLC which is basically perfection I'll give it a 10. Although that's not the same deal when I review games.
  • Danno123;824387 said:
    Oh, but uh, don't do what I did. Apparently you get the DLC for free if you already had the game, and I still bought it. I'm a bit of a goof. So the fact that you get it for free if you already had the game, is a great way to reward your customers
    You could get it for free? How?
  • Cany0udance;825451 said:
    You could get it for free? How?
    My friend said that he just updated his game and got it immediately. I don't know if you actually can or he bought it without realizing, but that's how.
  • 400 Days is only free if you bought The Walking Dead directly from the Telltale website.
  • ^^^
    Aha, there you go. My stupidity got the best of me, sorry ;)
  • I liked the 400 DLC, even it was a bit short, it wet my appetite for season 2, and for 5 bucks its well worth it. However i have to mention that i couldnt really get into the characters that much, apart from Russel and Shel, i didnt feel any connection to the rest of them because the character arcs were over so quickly.

    Personally found Nate more interesting then any of them. He has that Merle allure, even its a psycho and a maniac. So i really don't care if any of the characters shown get killed off in season 2 or don't even make an appearance. I much rather have Christa and Omid around with Clementine, and check out if Kenny's still around.

    But i may sound a bit harsh, it was a fun playthrough all in all, and i have no regrets buying the DLC. Good fun :)
  • Just finished it a couple of minutes ago. I really really liked it!

    I wanted more out of a couple of the stories but as a whole it was well worth the money. I really hope the woman at the end was genuine though, she seemed it with the way she looked but it's hard to trust people in this goddamn game.
  • Just finished it, I hadn't even realized this was out and the second I did I bought it straight away. Overall I liked it, and for $5 it was easily worth the price. The writing was good and though short I did care for a lot of the characters. Not as much as Season 1 obviously considering how short some of these segments were but it was still good. I didn't even realize there was an order to play it in so my thoughts on some of the stories are in the order I played them.

    Thoughts on stories and decisions in play order:

    - Started with Shel and the girl. This was a fun episode and the 'small group of survivors' reminded me of the gas station in Episode 1. Getting to actually talk with a few people was nice, I like the little down-time moments of the game where you get to just talk with and learn about other survivors. I let the Mexican guy go even though I knew it'd bite me in the ass. That's one thing that annoys me about this game: every time you lie or give someone the benefit of the doubt it comes back to bite you in the ass. I like having consequences for your actions but I wish they'd make them a bit less telegraphed.

    When the time came I chose to kill Stephanie. I figured this character had just let someone go only to result in someone else's death so I wasn't about to make that mistake again. In actuality I wish you had been able to speak with Stephanie but that wasn't an choice. The "run away" option was really out-of-nowhere I thought, as I didn't really have a reason to leave? If the intention was for Roman to come off as a dictator that didn't come off well.

    - Next I did Russell's story. Ended up picked up by Nate (accidentally). He was a great character, really a deranged bastard. I ended up warming up to Nate when he had my back, saving me from the shooter. I thought maybe he was supposed to be a weirdo with a good heart. Obviously I was wrong about that and left him in the end. I would've tried to talk him out of killing the old couple more if that was an option but I think I told him he was fucking nuts and one thing led to another down that dialogue option and I walked out.

    - Bonnie was next. Some people didn't care too much for this story but I enjoyed it. I liked all three characters for what little time you had to spend with them. Again though I didn't like the railroading: when the time came to kill Dee I figured it was going to be the cancer woman or someone who I'd regret killing and so I didn't, then was killed myself. Of course it ends up being a mistake and I was killed for anticipating the correct action. Dying Dee was really brutal, whoever did that animation got it looking eerily realistic. Ended up being truthful with Leland as it was a mistake and I didn't see any true reason to lie. Also because, as I said, lying in these games have a habit of biting you in the ass which is annoying that I was able to telegraph that yet again. I'm not sure how calmly I would take someone killing a loved one right after it happened, accident or not.

    - Wyatt. I think out of all the characters, he was my favorite. Eddie was pretty cool too. Their section felt like the shortest though. Ended up trying to leave the car and won RPS, thinking I would leave but apparently I was playing to stay in the car? When the time came to drive away and it said I ditched him I thought maybe I did something wrong and reloaded to try again, only to find out I couldn't have made a difference.

    - And last was Vince. Again I loved the writing here, really liked the setting of the prison bus with the tension mounting with the fight and everything. Not too sure about the decision though, I have a few gripes with that. It was brutal yes but wasn't very clear. When first given it I stood there until the timer ran out unsure of what I was doing. I thought I'd be shooting the chain "breaking" it but crippling someone's leg so that they'd be moving slower. I didn't realize I'd be shooting someone's leg off, then leave them behind! They couldn't have been carried? You didn't even have the option to put them out of their misery. In the end I liked both characters of Justin and Danny, crimes aside. I chose to shoot Justin as he was a great liar and seemed likely to stab you in the back if need be. Danny was friendlier and stood up to the prison guard, willing to take a freaking bullet for you and Justin. What else I didn't like is, how the heck does this decide if Vince leaves with Tavia or not? The rest made sense for the most part: Wyatt wanting to find the friend he left behind vs being less trustful after getting ditched. But how does Danny/Justin have any impact here.

    In the end I really liked Wyatt and Bonnie and am interested in learning more of Vince. The others were cool too. I imagine most of these guys will appear regardless which is a bit irritating as I'd rather have decisions matter but whatever.

    One last thing is that I was annoyed with how everyone suddenly appears around the campfire at the end: and only the important people too. Danny is killed off-screen, blerg. Okay but what about the rest? Justin if he's saved? Leland? Why did Shel leave Roman's group? Where's Nate if Russell stays with him? That was random. I only got Wyatt and Bonnie to go in the end which I guess is okay, I'll replay the ending and get everyone before Season 2 comes out and may do so beforehand if it actually matters.
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