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400 Days (Season One DLC) review / discussion thread - SO MANY SPOILERS

posted by puzzlebox Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 35.1K users
Hey guys, thanks for playing The Walking Dead: 400 Days! This thread is dedicated to all your spoilery review / general discussion goodness. Have at!

No need to tag spoilers here, the whole thread will be full of 'em. Looking for the spoiler-free thread? It's here.
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  • Cany0udance;851792 said:
    I faced you at RPS 27 times, and only won once.
    I'm that good
  • Hey Eddie, why did you abandon your car at the pitstop? I thought you loved that thing.
  • Ben Paul;851794 said:
    Hey Eddie, why did you abandon your car at the pitstop? I thought you loved that thing.
    It's a long story dude! Lets save it for season 2
  • Ahh, I see what you did there...
  • Ben Paul;851797 said:
    Ahh, I see what you did there...
    I'm smooth.
  • I still to this day to not know what a hoopy even is, is it a type of car, I don't know.

  • I didnt like any of the new characters, too boring. None of them were like Lee, Kenny, Larry, St john brothers etc...

  • I read on the Walking Dead wiki that it's possible to hear an alternative version of Becca's mocking comment about Leland and Bonnie during the monologue (when Becca states that Leland let her "run off alone"). Apparently it's possible to hear a dialogue where Becca states that it was Leland who left Bonnie (the person who wrote about it on the wiki also stated that if Leland left Bonnie they remained friends, but if it was Bonnie who left Leland then they were in a relationship for a while). Is it true that you can actually get Leland to be the one to leave Bonnie? Because I haven't been able to get anything other than the "let you run off alone" dialogue (if Bonnie was truthful) or Becca mocking Bonnie about lying (if Bonnie lies).

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    TheDuck BANNED

    Just finished this.

    Anyone else think it was seriously creepy when you stayed in the car as Wyatt, get up from retrieving the keys, and before he himself notices anything, you see that truck with those lights through the fog? That freaked me out.

    And yeah, in mine, Becca says that Leland ran off and left Bonnie alone.

    Also, in my stats, only me and 30% of players chose to sacrifice Danny.O_o

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