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400 Days (Season One DLC) review / discussion thread - SO MANY SPOILERS

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Hey guys, thanks for playing The Walking Dead: 400 Days! This thread is dedicated to all your spoilery review / general discussion goodness. Have at!

No need to tag spoilers here, the whole thread will be full of 'em. Looking for the spoiler-free thread? It's here.
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  • My best guess for how 400 Days will affect season 2 is that Clem and the two silhouettes in the distance at the end of the game will end up in Tavia's community towards the latter half of the season.

  • From my five playthroughs of the game, I found it impossible to have Bonnie decline you. The only thing I didn't do in those playthroughs was act like an ass to them both. I was sure the silent treatment would make her decline me, but she still chose to go with Tavia. Even when I tried acting like an ass to everyone as Tavia, Bonnie went along seemingly with no reason.

    Shel and Becca would go with you no matter what if you drove away. I don't think letting the guy go or not changes that. If you drove away, they say they are in fear of getting caught by Roman, so they will go only if someone else agrees to go first. And because I can't find a way to get Bonnie to refuse, that would mean Bonnie, Shel, and Becca go with you no matter what.

    If you kill Steph, they say they don't trust anyone and won't go.

    If you don't tell Russell about the possibility that people he knows may be there, then he won't go.

    If you beat Eddie at the game of rock paper scissors, then Wyatt would go with you no matter what because he feels guilty about leaving Eddie alone to die. If you lost the game, he won't go because he doesn't trust you. However, he will go if you tell the group about the possibility of his friends being there.

    If you freed the thief instead of the rapist, Vince seems to go because he is upset how the guy just left you. If you freed the rapist, he says he doesn't want to go because the guy was a team player and feels bad that he had to die. I find this stupid, because if you made the whole group go while Vince stays, this would make him a hypocrite. How would he be a team player if everyone in the team left to go with Tavia?

    Anyway, I also found out that some events change depending on what scenario you started off with. I started off with Bonnie on my first playthrough, and after she fell down the hill I woke up to find the walker cop and I had to kill him. On my second playthrough, I started off with Russell and I had the option of killing the walker cop at the gas station or letting him roam. When I chose Bonnie's scenario next, she just runs away after she wakes up. On the first playthrough, Russell didn't see any walker cop at the gas station.
  • I did not feel any sorrow for any characters. When Dee died I was like "LOL".......
    I went in this order, Vince,Shel,Wyatt,Bonnie,Russel. The best mission was Russel's.
    I am pretty disappointed with this episode. For 5$ it was good and all but it gets a score of....
    5.8/10 really meh.
  • Wait, so it almost doesn't matter what you say as Tavia (besides the you might find ppl you know line) it just matters what you did?


  • Thank you George1120 this is very interesting.
  • My order was Russell,Vince,Shel,Wyatt,and Bonny.
  • My Order was Vince, Wyatt, Russel, Shel and Bonnie.
  • Viner16 wrote: »
    Wait, so it almost doesn't matter what you say as Tavia (besides the you might find ppl you know line) it just matters what you did?



    not from the 5 playthrough I did. I REALLY want to find a way to have Bonnie decline your offer though. That way, I can have a playthrough where Tavia leaves with no one. Besides, I find Bonnie to be the most useless of the group, so it would be dumb if she's mandatory.
  • Can we conclude that Nate is bat guano crazy?
  • They explain that Vernon's dead in Shel's chapter, at least in my playthrough. One of his partners, Boyd, says that he died when they were on Kenny's boat, after they stole it
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