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Once again the zombies are here!

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While we're waiting for all these beautiful zombie games to come this year,some soon some later,games like Walking Dead 400 Days DLC,State of Decay,Dead State,Day Z Standalone etc....let's make one more "appetizer" thread.

This time,my weird rules say this:

In this imaginary zombie apocalypse,what would your weapons be according to toy(if modeled after a real weapon)or airsoft guns you have?Real weapons don't count on this thread,we have to imagine toy guns or airsoft or BB guns being the real stuff.

Second,according to the canned or other food you have in your house right now,which and what kind of food would you decide to stock up with before the zombies really take over the streets?Up to 5 different foods.Water and drinks are extra :D

And third,assuming you've decided to wait it out and barricade your current location,how would you fortify it with available means?With normal stuff that you can find handy,I don't wanna have people come and tell me "oh i'd put titanium doors and electrified chainsaw machines outside the house and kryptonite to keep those alien mutated zombies away".... :P

Ok start! You will allow me to post my pics tomorrow(for the first two questions)because it's late here right now and I can't take any pics.
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